Nighthawk Custom 1911 For Sale

Nighthawk Custom 1911 pistols available at Omaha Outdoors are among the very best handguns available anywhere at any price. Omaha Outdoors is a direct dealer for the Nighthawk 1911 and we keep these fine pistols in stock.

Nighthawk Custom has been in operation for over a dozen years with one goal: to produce the world's finest 1911. They are not in business to sell the most 1911s or to sell the most affordable 1911. Their policies of “one gun, one gunsmith” and requiring that lone gunsmith to hand-fit all parts do not result in an especially efficient method of production. These parts are also of the highest quality themselves: machined from bar stock, rather than made by cheaper and weaker methods like casting or metal injection molding (MIM).

Think The 1911 is Too New? Nighthawk Makes Revolvers, Too

Nighthawk's biggest development since first producing 1911 handguns has been to partner with Korth, a German firm perhaps known as the world's finest revolver craftsmen, in making a line of American revolvers to compete with the world's best. One of their more unique options is the Sky Hawk revolver for concealed carry – unique in that it is a 9mm revolver which does not require moon clips. With high levels of attention paid to not only the manufacturing and fitting processes but the design of the revolver itself, the Sky Hawk has been positioned by Nighthawk Custom as the finest carry revolver on the market.

Nighthawk Might Not Be For You

As a result of Nighthawk's crafting process, the purchase price of a Shadowhawk Government or Bob Marvel Custom is not a minor obstacle to most gun owners. Furthermore, dozens if not hundreds of manufacturers produce 1911 handguns and variations of that iconic design. The vast majority of those manufacturers sell handguns at a lower price than a Night Hawk gun.

Why, then, should you consider buying a Nighthawk Custom pistol? The same policies of “one gun, one gunsmith” and hand-fitting parts of the highest quality give a very simple assurance: that the gun will be built perfectly and to exacting specifications, whether in 45 ACP, 9mm, or 10mm. When the gunsmith has completed the pistol and test-fired it to ensure accuracy and function, he stamps his initials in a hidden spot on the frame. While you will end up owning the handgun in a literal and legal sense, the gunsmith owns it in a moral one. He is guaranteeing to you that it will meet the highest standards of anyone, anywhere. Night Hawk Custom handguns truly are an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

Nighthawk Custom Pistols Are Actually Custom

Too often, the word custom is used to describe something that may be different than the original but which may not have any features that you, the buyer, would want. Is someone else's idea of custom really what you want to have when you spend thousands of dollars on a firearm? With Night Hawk, many options and upgrades are available to you. From tough Black Nitride to classic nickel finish, from cocobolo wood to G10 laminate grips, from 3.8” to 6” barrels, with iron sights or a Trijicon RMR mount, Nighthawk Custom 1911s can be had however you like.

One thing doesn't change, though: Nighthawk's relentless commitment to making the finest 1911s on the planet.

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