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Live fire training can get expensive, especially if you are practicing with a large caliber pistol. Unfortunately, even the best dry fire drills leave something to want for, providing little guidance on what you need to work on. Though there is no substitute for live fire training, Next Level Training has developed a new system that they provide to help ensure anyone can get some extra practice. The innovative pistol works by mimicking the weight of your actual weapon while providing a laser to give you a fell for your accuracy. If you want to keep yourself sharp for a tactical encounter but can’t make it to the range, this training pistol may be just what you need.

At Omaha Outdoors, we carry the Next Level Training pistol and a variety of accessories to ensure you are able to get the training supplies you need. As a tactical operator, you understand that the mission is everything and this innovative tool will help you prepare for your mission. Our mission is to become your number one online provider for all things shooting related. With great respect for that mission, we work to provide the best in customer service. So, if you have any questions, please call us directly. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy shopping.

Using Technology To Train

Based out of Ferndale, Washington, Next Level Training was built on the foundation that shooters should get as much practice as possible in training for tactical encounters. Though the only way to get used to recoil in the real world is to practice with your actual weapon, their innovative SIRT training pistol is a step forward for the tactical community. It also users to train themselves in trigger discipline and establish better drawing habits for the field. The creators understand there is no substitute for time at the range, which is why they make this product as a supplement, not a replacement. If you need some practice getting down the fundamentals though, this is definitely a great place to start.

The SIRT Training Pistol and AR Bolt

The foundation of Next Level Training’s offering is their SIRT Training Pistol. This innovative design was based on the standard Glock, giving similar dimensions and physical attributes. In fact, the ergonomically designed frame was meant to match the weight and dimensions of these pistols, ensuring you get the practice you need. This pistol features a weight magazine and fully integrated accessory rail, which allows you to attach your normal load out to fully simulate the weight of your real pistol. It also uses a resetting trigger, which allows you to fire multiple rounds before racking the slide again.

All pistols come with a training magazine, owner’s manual, trigger adjustment tool, and a laser windage and elevation tool. Options include a steel slide, which makes the pistol heavier and gives it a more durable profile. You can also opt for a green laser, which is more visible during daylight hours. The slide comes standard in red, but purple is also available for some variety.

Of course, training with a pistol isn’t everything, which is also why they manufacture the SIRT AR Bolt. This replaces your standard bolt carrier for training exercises and lets your trigger automatically reset. The built-in laser gives you a similar training experience to the pistol, allowing you to make adjustments and ensure you are using proper trigger discipline.

Weighted Magazine

As good as their SIRT pistol might be, part of training for a real life encounter includes making sure that the weight of your weapon is on point. Though the pistol itself is weighted to accomplish this, it still will be a bit light without a magazine loaded. These training magazines are actually made to fit Glock models chambered in .40 S&W or 9mm, which means you can load your weapon and practice carrying and drawing to simulate real world scenarios.

Otherwise, these weighted mags are great to use with your SIRT pistol, as they provide the right weight you need. You can practice quick magazine changes in safety and get the experience you need with the right weight.

Other Next Level Training Components

Naturally, Next Level Training also offers a variety of accessories to ensure you get the best shooting experience. They sell an SIRT box, which will allow you to store your practice pistol while it is not in use. They also sell shooting glasses, which will not only help in these training scenarios but also work great at the range as eye protection. Furthermore, they have targets to use while you practice with your next SIRT pistol as well. If you want the best practice experience, make sure to get what you need.

Remember, our mission is to become your first choice for all firearm-related purchases. The only way we accomplish this is by ensuring you have a great shopping experience with us. This is why we have put plenty of time and effort into ensuring the online platform is easy and convenient to use. Of course, if you do have any questions as you navigate, please call us directly so we can help. Otherwise, simply place your order and wait for your new items to arrive.

We look forward to getting you the extra training tools you need.

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