Morakniv Companion knives at Omaha Outdoors are made for use in the real world, with design elements and construction which make them the ideal hunting or outdoors knife. No matter where you’re going in the woods or the backcountry, you can be sure that a Morakniv Companion is an excellent choice for almost any task. The Morakniv online catalog also includes variants of the Companion such as the Companion HD (heavy duty), which has a thicker blade, the companion F Rescue with a blunted tip for cutting through line and belts without harming an accident victim, models of the Companion MG in military green with both carbon and stainless-steel blades, serrated, black, and tactical versions, and more. There are many Morakniv knives for sale aside from the Companion, as excellent as that design is, and they include many examples of the fixed blade knife, a simple and reliable type of knife with no moving parts and the ability to be carried in a sheath, included with many Morakniv knives.

Morakniv Knives For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Morakniv utility knives have been used by craftsmen such as carpenters, electricians, roofers and more for the various tasks they encounter on a daily basis. Carpet knives as well as precision cutting tools and even chisels come in handy during various portions of the construction process, while electricians find knives for cutting wires to require specific features. Those installing insulation need knives meant to cut this challenging material, and Morakniv offers a solution for each one of these problems.

Once the house has been built and the game has been brought home, you might find yourself in need of more than just a hunting or carpet knife. Enter kitchen knives available from your Morakniv dealer, ranging from chef’s knives, utility knives, bread knives, and filet knives to steak knives and entire knife sets complete with a knife case. All are made by Morakniv in Sweden to exacting standards, as they have been for centuries.

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