A Monadnock autolock baton at Omaha Outdoors is an affordable and battery-free method of personal defense or a tool for police officers to control suspects without resorting to lethal force. It is also an alternative to the Taser, which has proven to be extremely effective in some cases but extremely ineffective in others. The legendary PR – 24 baton which has been in police use for decades comes from Monadnock, and their other batons are made with the same level of quality.

Monadnock Batons For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

The Monadnock online catalog includes friction lock and autolock batons as well as fixed models of the PR24. A fixed baton is always ready to go, but it's also rather bulky and can get in the way as you go about your day. Plus, it's not exactly something you can hide in a backpack or fanny pack. That's where collapsible or expandable batons come in, and there are important differences you should understand. As a Monadnock dealer we can go over the basics.

While both friction lock and autolock Monadnock batons for sale are opened with the flick of a wrist, autolock batons collapse by pressing a button in the end cap which releases the expandable portion. Friction lock batons require a hard surface upon which to jab the end to ensure it will collapse. There are some concerns about friction lock batons collapsing prematurely if the tip is used to poke a suspect, but if you flick your wrist hard enough to open the baton properly, this will not be an issue. Of course, autolock batons are not without their potential issues as well, as they have more moving parts which might fail over time. However, both forms of baton are free of batteries, unlike some other police duty equipment, and do not have issues with heavy clothing the way a Taser might. There are situations where a Taser is appropriate and there are situations where a baton is appropriate and of course there are situations where a firearm is appropriate. It is up to you to understand issues regarding use of force and to select the proper tool.

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