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Whether you are in the military, law enforcement, or work in the private sector, you understand that the mission is always your top priority. When you are not on assignment, you are preparing for your next assignment. With physical and mental discipline, you known that the success of your team depends on the strength of its weakest link and you will do everything you can to ensure you are not that weak link. Of course, much of this preparation comes with outfitting you and your team with the right equipment. When this is the order, Mission First Tactical is the place to start.

At Omaha Outdoors, we have an assortment of Mission First Tactical products and accessories and stock and ready to ship. Keeping these items stocked helps us ensure we can provide you with consistently fast shipping times, no matter where you might be. Of course, our mission is to become the number one provider for these goods online and we can only accomplish that task by giving you our best in service. So, if you have any questions, please contact us for help. Otherwise, enjoy your stay.

One A Mission To Provide Tactical Assets

Though its life as a company has been short, Mission First Tactical, LLC (MFT) has quickly grown and started to influence the firearm industry as a whole. Founded in 2010 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, MFT is dedicated to providing military, law enforcement, and civilian operators with the tools they need to get the job done right. With a company built on the backs of owners who have over 75 years of collective experience in the industry, MFT understands what it means when it says “mission first.” The mission always comes first in the mind of the tactical operator and with the right tools on your side you can make sure that your missions always succeed.

MFT Stocks and Grips

Whether you are building a new rifle for your operations or just looking to upgrade your current model, having the right stock and grips can make a big difference during your mission. With that in mind, MFT offers a variety of different options to tailor to your individual needs. Depending on the mission parameters, you can swap out to get the parts that will best fit the occasion.

For stocks, many enjoy the BMS BATTLELINK Minimalist Stock. This is one of the lightest stocks available on the market today and it comes with an angled non-slip buttpad to ensure it will stay secure to your shoulder, even if you are wearing body armor. It offers a quick detach sling mounting point positioned for the best usage, especially by ambidextrous shooters and features a patent pending design that operators trust.

Of course, they also offer a variety of other stocks to ensure you can get the right fit. If weight isn’t as much of an obstacle, you might consider the BUS BATTLELINK Utility Stock. Also using a patent pending design, this comes with 2 sling mount positions to allow for optimal positioning and provided an angled buttpad. It also includes a foam storage block with quick access tab to allow you to store extra items as needed in the stock.

After your stock is in order, you might consider adding a vertical grip to your rifle. One of their popular options is the VG1 quick detach vertical grip. This uses a small storage compartment that can be used for batteries or other accessories and can be quickly attached or detached with the click of a button. They also make shorter options and a REACT folding grip to give you some variety in the field. Finally, they produce a variety of pistol grips to customize the basic feel of your weapon.

Rail Systems

A good rail system is essential in a tactical battle rifle, which is why Mission First offers some great options. Their Tekko metal AR-15 carbine 10” free floating 2 piece integrated rail system (TMARCFF210IRS) is one of their more popular options available. It allows for quick installation without any gunsmithing required. It uses 4 QD mounts, two on each side for push button sling swivels and offers 4 Mil-STD 1913 picatinny rails to allow for easy accessory attachment.

They also produce a variety of free-floating rail designs that utilize the KeyMod system, giving you some variety when selecting your favorite configuration. If you already have a rail in place that you want to use, you might just pick up some rail sections to ensure the proper configuration.

Magazines and Mag Couplers

As with many companies today, MFT works with polymer magazines to deliver consistent performance. This is offered in either a 10 round model or with a standard 30 round capacity to provide for your specific shooting needs. They also offer an AR-15 and AK-47 magazine coupler to ensure you can have a backup magazine at the ready in no time.

MFT Sights

To round out your battle rifle, Mission First Tactical also offers back up front and rear flip-up sights. This allows you to keep the sights flush to the rail when not in use and quickly deploy them when you need them. They are made to exacting military standards, using polyamide to provide a durable construction you can trust to last.

Slings, Mounts, and Other Essentials

Naturally, Mission First Tactical also produces a variety of other accessories to make sure your mission can succeed. They make universal equipment mounts to ensure you can always have your gear affixed securely. They also offer sling mounts and slings to ensure you can carry your weapons into an engagement properly. In addition to this, they keep a supply of other shooting accessories at the ready, such as mounts for your flashlights, lasers, or other accessories. If you need a gas block for your AR-15, they also have that.

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