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Technology today has opened up the market for hunters, giving them plenty of options when it comes to choosing their firearms. There are new polymer stock rifles that utilize some of the most advanced scopes in the industry, offering the ability to hit a target from as far as a mile away. Of course, there is something satisfying about keeping things a bit simpler and working with a more classic design. Whether you are looking for an iconic lever action or a simple bolt action rifle, Marlin Firearms is in the business of making sure you get exactly what you need.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a selection of Marlin rifles and shooting accessories in stock. This helps use ensure we are able to offer you some of the fastest shipping times available in the industry today. Furthermore, our team is devoted to the customer service of all our customers, including you. So, if you have any questions about what you are looking for or need help navigating the site, please feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to helping you get the new rifle you have been searching for.

A Long American History

Though it never gained the attention of many of its competitors from that time period, Marlin Firearms Co. has been a part of the industry since 1870. Originally, it opened up shop in North Haven, Connecticut, where it worked to produce some of the best rifles of its day. It made progress during World War I when it became a large producer of machine guns for the war effort and in the 1990s it really started to outsell many other lever action rifle makers.

As a result, it expanded in 2000 with the purchase of H&R 1871, Inc. In 2007, Marlin Arms was acquired by Remington and became part of the Freedom Group. Now operated out of Madison, North Carolina, the company continues to produce some of the highest quality hunting rifles on the market today.

Rimfire Marlin Rifles for Target Shooting and Varmint Hunting

The model XT is one of the most popular rimfire options offered by Marlin. Depending on your individual needs, This is avialble as the XT-17 (chambered in .17 HMR), XT-22 (chambered in .22 LR), and XT Youth (chambered for .22 L, LR, and S). The XT-17 is built with a 22” barrel and comes standard with an open rear sight and ramp front sight to provide a clear picture. It allows the use of either a 4-round or 7-round magazine and is offered with a black synthetic stock. Overall, it measures 41” and weighs 6 lbs. With the XT-22, you get the same basic dimensions but the standard model uses a walnut-finish and comes standard with a 7-round magazine.

As you might expect for a youth model rifle, the dimensions of this model are somewhat reduced, using a 16” barrel and hitting only 33” overall. The weapon uses the same ProFire adjustable trigger as the full-sized models but cuts back the weight to about 4 lbs. It only offers a single shot capacity, operating with the standard bolt action. To help train your kids properly, it offers a thumb safety and red cocking indicator.

If you prefer something different, you might check out the autoloading Model 60, which offers a 19” barrel and a walnut-finished laminate stock. It comes with a 14 round magazine and will accept .22 LR only. For a more classic look, the lever action Model Golden 39A is the way to go. It offers a semi-buckhorn folding rear sight and a 24” barrel to give it that classic look.

Lever Action Rifles for All Around Outdoor Performance

Of course, you aren’t just limited to target shooting with the lever action design and if you want to go hunting you might prefer to pick up either the Model 1894 or The Classic Model 1895. The 1894 is built for 44 Rem Magnum / 44 S&W special rounds. It features a 20” barrel and comes with semi-buckhorn folding rear sights to compliment the brass bead-topped ramp-style front sight. The stock is American black walnut, providing a distinct look and classic feel.

If you opt for The Classic Model 1895 instead, be ready to shoot some 45/70 Gov’t ammo from your deep-cut 22” barrel. This model comes with a 4 round tubular magazine and offers cut checkering on the American black walnut stock. It features the same sights as the 1894 model and provides a look and feel that you can be proud to display. Naturally, it performs great in the field too.

Marlin Bolt Action Rifles You Can Count on In the Field

Finally, Marlin offers their X Series Centerfire bolt action. Offered in your favorite hunting cartridges, this newer bolt action rifle was designed for big game hunting. It features a built-in SoftTech Recoil Pad, which helps to reduce felt recoil in the field. Overall, these are a great addition to your hunting collection, helping you to accurately approach your game with a more modern firearm.

Marlin Shooting Accessories to Ensure You Always Hit Your Target

Of course, you wouldn’t be hunting if you did not have the accessories you need to get the job done right. Naturally, Marlin offers scope bases and other mounting accessories to ensure you are able to outfit your rifle with the proper optics. In addition to this, they also offer 10, 7, and 4 round magazines for their different magazine-fed models. These magazines are offered in the standard blue finish or with a nickel finish for a more resilient body and distinctive look.

Regardless of whether you are looking to get a new rifle or just pick up some extra accessories, Omaha Outdoors is always here to provide for your shopping needs. So, take the time to browse through the selection below or use the handy sorting features to quickly find what you need. If you have questions, simply give us a call and we will gladly help. We look forward to filling your next order.

Marlin Firearms For Sale

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