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Some firearm manufacturers look to provide an all-purpose solution, giving shooters the ability to find all variety of weapons for sale. Others look to specialize in a specific product, realizing full well that their customers will still buy other brands to fulfill other shooting needs. When it comes to specialized weapons, there are few companies that can outperform the much respected Magnum Research Inc. With a variety of powerful weapons to choose from and a reputation for quality, they offer shooters exactly what they want: a fun experience.

At Omaha Outdoors, we work to facilitate this experience by keeping a wide selection of Magnum Research weapons in stock and ready to ship. Whether you are looking for one of their more iconic designs or just searching for a reliable target rifle, you can find what you need here. Most importantly, our staff is here to help, always putting our best foot forward in service to you, our customer. If you have any questions, please call us directly so we can help. Otherwise, use the convenient shopping features to find what you need below.

The Development of Magnum Research

Founded in 1979 in Fridley, Minnesota, Magnum Research, Inc. operated as its own private company for most of its life thus far. In 2010, it was purchased by Kahr Arms and become part of this larger firearms family. Despite this, it still remains somewhat independent and works to produce its own brand of firearms for sale. These range from reliable rimfire rifles to some of the most iconic pistols produced on the market today. Most notable of their offerings is the Dessert Eagle, a high caliber pistol that has been featured in many Hollywood movies for its unique design. Regardless of whether you are looking for this iconic design or one of their many other guns, everything is manufactured using the highest quality construction.

The Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol

The latest iteration of this powerful behemoth, the Desert Eagle Mark XIX sticks to the tradition of offering three calibers in its large frame. First and most notable is the .50 AE round, which arguably offers too much power for practical applications. Second is the .44 Magnum round, and for those who still can’t handle this, the last offering is the .357 Magnum round.

Like all of the previous generations, this hand cannon is gas-operated using a rotating bolt to provide semi-auto performance. It is built around a 6” stainless steel barrel and optionally comes with an integrated muzzle break to help reduce felt recoil. It offers standard combat type sights and provides a 4 lb. trigger pull, which allows for a great balance when using at the range. This model also includes a picatinny bottom rail and a Weaver style top rail to allow for additional accessories to be affixed to the weapon. If nothing else, the weapon is one of the most intimidating models available today.

Think Smaller With the Baby Desert Eagle III

Of course, since most people don’t want to use such a large pistol for home defense, many might prefer the Baby Desert Eagle III. This toned down version of their signature weapon offers a similar appearance in a much more reasonable package, allowing you to defend yourself without worrying you might destroy your house in the process. It comes available in 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP, depending on how much power you want.

In its latest iteration, the weapon is offered with either a steel or polymer frame. Naturally, the steel frame is heavier, but many prefer it as it is perceived to offer a better balance overall. Either way, the weapon uses an American-made 4.43” barrel inside a top quality carbon steel slide. The black oxide finish keeps the weapon tough and helps it resist the elements while the 3-dot sights provide a clear sighting solution for the average shooter.

How About a BFR Revolvers?

Of course, while smaller might be a good idea in some cases, there are other times when you just want to have some fun. Whether for hunting or the occasional target shooting, the Big Frame Revolver (BFR) series offers a great platform. Caliber options vary greatly in this iconic package, including classics like the .45 LC and the .30/30, reaching out to less used rounds like the .454 Casull and .444 Marlin, and stretching up to the powerful .500 S&W.

Similarly, barrel sizes for this revolver vary greatly, with some models offering options as short as 5” and others as long as 10”. As you might expect, these revolvers are heavy, ranging in weight from 4.3 lbs. on the light end to 5.3 lbs. on the heavy end. They are made with a brushed stainless steel construction to ensure top quality and come with 5 shot cylinders. All feature a 3-4 lb. trigger pull and provide adjustable rear sights to get the best accuracy.

MagnumLite RimFire Rifles

Returning to the lighter weapon, the MagnumLite RimFire line of rifles is perfect for those who need to train a young one to handle a weapon or are just looking to go varmint hunting. In either cases, these quality-made rifles offer either .22LR or .22WMR rounds to deliver the performance you need. They come in a variety of configurations, including an American Black Walnut rifle for those teaching and a Tactical Model for those who might want to do some small game hunting at night.

Other Magnum Research Firearms

The MR Eagle series includes two different calibers, the MR9 9mm and the MR40 .40 S&W. Both are offered with 4.5” or 4” inch barrels and varying magazine layouts. This series is a joint effort between Magnum Research and Walther, combining a polymer frame with integral steel rails imported from Walther in Germany. It uses a stainless steel slide and a 4140 CrMo steel barrel made in the USA to provide an accurate and reliable shooting platform.

In addition to this new pistol design, they also trace back to older roots, offering their own 1911 model for sale. This is offered in various configurations and provides a reliable performance from an American-made classic. Finally, they offer the Mountain Eagle centerfire rifle line. This includes a variety of hunting rifles, ranging in calibers from .22 Magnum to .308 Winchester, .300 WM, and a variety of calibers in between.

Our mission at Omaha Outdoors is to become your number one stop for all firearm-related purchases. To help accomplish this, we always put our best food forward in customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Otherwise, make your selection and place your order below.

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