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Having your firearms doesn’t count for anything if they are not loaded and ready when the time to use them arises. Though some shooters will store their magazines already loaded, the reality is that this will eventually wear down the springs, causing them to lose tension and not function as well. Instead, it is actually better to keep your magazines unloaded while in storage. Of course, this brings its own set of problems, as an unloaded magazine takes time to load and won’t do you any good empty. Fortunately, companies like Maglula Ltd. are on the case to ensure you can prepare yourself quickly.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep an assortment of Maglula magazine loaders and other accessories in stock and ready to ship. This ensures that you have the tools you need to quickly load your magazines when you need them most. Of course, as an online provider for shooting and outdoor goods, we want to ensure you can find everything you need. So, if you have any questions or feel that the item you want is not here, please call us directly. We are happy to speak with you and help you to find exactly what you need for shooting success.

The Modern Solution To Loading Magazines

A privately help Israeli company, Maglula Ltd. was founded in 2001 in that hopes that its name would become synonymous with magazine loaders and unloading accessories. With the country’s turbulent landscape, the makers of these tools understand the urgent need when battle is inevitable, which is why these tools were made for military use. Winning various awards for their innovations in the field, the company offers battle-tested and ready accessories to make loading and unloading your magazines easy. This keeps you better prepared for anything you might encounter and gives you a much higher level of success on the battlefield.

Pistol Magazine Loaders and Unloaders

Unlike some companies that look to provide one tool for all magazine loading, Maglula understand that it takes a more specialized fit to get the job done right. This is why they offer magazine loaders for their pistols in two different sizes, which include: .22LR - .380 ACP loaders and 9mm - .45 ACP loaders. The X10-LULA is one of their basic loaders built for the .22LR cartridge, working with narrow single stack magazines like you might find in a .22LR 1911.

For most other small caliber pistols, you will consider the BabyUpLULA or the 22UpLULA. The BabyUpLULA is made specifically for the standard single stack .22LR and .380 ACP models that you might have lying around, providing an easy way to load those weapon. Alternatively, the 22UpLULA was designed for any double stack .22LR magazines you have lying around.

If you want to load your normal carry or home defense weapon, you will turn to the standard UpLULA. With its military-grade construction and easy operation, it will let you load one round per second, which will cut your time down by close to 70%. It can be used on single and double stack magazines without issue. For those shooting a 1911, the 1911A1 Aligner Insert will be the perfect complement to this, ensuring that the rounds go in properly.

Rifle Magazine Loaders and Unloaders

When it comes to rifles, you need something a bit more focused, which is where the standard LULA comes into play. This loader is made with the same quality construction as the pistol loaders and comes either sized for 5.56 NATO, 7.62x39, or 7.62x51 / .308. It can be used for loading and unloading, saving your thumb some pain while cutting back on the time spent.

If you want even quicker loading, there are two additional options for the 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem shooters. The StipLULA was one of their first major advances, made to load or unload 10 round at a time, this innovative device will really save you some time as you prep. Even more significant, the BenchLoader was CNC machined to provide the fastest magazine-loading times in the industry. From the time it takes to unpack the ammo and place it into the loader to fully loading a 30 round magazine, it can take as little as 25 seconds.

Get Your Maglula Tools at Omaha Outdoors

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