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If you’re serious about shooting and training with the AR-15 or M4 platform to become as tactically proficient as possible, buy the Maglula benchloader at Omaha Outdoors and fill 10, 20, 30, 40, 60 and even 100 round magazines with ease and minor effort. Stop wasting all your time at the range loading mags – and getting sore or numb thumbs along the way – and instead load magazines with ease while also protecting feed lips from damage. Maglula products are available for a wide variety of pistol and rifle magazines.

Maglula Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

The most popular Maglula magazine loader for sale at Omaha Outdoors is the AR15 / M4 Range Benchloader. Because alternate capacities and shapes of AR-15 magazine have become popular in recent times, this latest version of the venerable Maglula magazine loader for sale is an improved universal AR version which has been modified to not limit the size or type of AR15 magazine which can be loaded using the speedloader. Just insert the magazine in the end, arrange up to 30 cartridges at a time inside the magazine loader, and perform a single hand stroke to have them all in the mag and ready to go. Want to load more than 30 rounds, say 60 into a Surefire M4 mag? Just leave the mag inserted, arrange another 30 cartridges, and do the same hand motion. Boom – 60 rounds loaded in less time than you could have done half a 30 round mag by hand, and your thumbs won’t feel a thing. It’s a product we loved even before we became a Maglula dealer. The traditional 30rd Maglula Benchloader is also available for magazines utilized by the HK G36, IWI Galil, and Steyr AUG.

If you’re loading ammo on stripper clips, the StripLULA not only functions as a stripper clip guide but saves your thumbs from taking the brunt of the effort needed to force rounds off a stripper clip and into a mag, plus it can unload mags, too. If you’re just shooting pistol, the Maglula online catalog also includes various Uplula universal pistol mag loaders and even SMG / PCC / Ruger 10/22 magazine loaders.

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