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Whether you are part of the military, law enforcement, or just a civilian, the beauty of being an American is that you have the prerogative to own and use a battle-ready rifle that is built to perform. There are so many different companies out there today producing these weapons. Many of them cling to their long-time reputation as a reliable manufacturer while others enter the market today promising the latest and best in technology. If you are looking for the latter, then you should definitely consider checking out LWRC.


Founded in 1999, LWRC International, LLC went through a variety of changes in its early life before becoming the trusted manufacturer it is today. It began its existence as the Leitner-Wise Rifle Company, Inc. and then the Land Warfare Resources Company. Based out of Cambridge, Maryland, it worked until 2006 primarily in research and development of rifle technology. After being purchased by US Army veteran Pat Bryan, it moved into full production as a firearms manufacturing company.

With a variety of rifle lines offered, it works with the latest and best technologies to ensure that shooters can get the absolute best performance out of their weapons. Some of the popular lines include the: individual carbine, M6 Legacy, R.E.P.R., and the Six8 series. Regardless of what your choice is, LWRCI offers only the best technology to ensure you get the performance you really need.

LWRC IC (Individual Carbine)

Building off the foundation of the M4 and M16 rifles used by the military, the Individual Carbine series is perhaps one of the most recognizable designs out there. These rifles all come fully ambidextrous, making it easy for any shooter to pick one up and use it in the field. The Monoforge upper receiver offers superior durability and the user-configurable rail makes it easy to give your rifle the best layout for your shooting style. If you want a reliable and trusted platform, any of these carbines will do the job.

The IC-SPR is one of the signature weapons of this lines, offering a spiral fluted barrel to provide for excellent recoil control. The IC-A2 is another popular option, providing for the choice between a 14.7" or 16.1" barrel design. For those who want something small, the IC-PDW (personal defense weapon) is an excellent option to consider.

LWRC M6 Legacy

The M6 Legacy rifles are designed to offer the newest and best in performance technology. This line includes 3 different options, each of which offer their own unique appeal. The M6A2 has been featured on the Discovery Channel show "Future Weapons" and is built for the modern shooter who uses optical sights. It features a free-floating longer rail design to allow for more customization in accessory layout.

The M6-SL was designed to be a more lightweight alternative. It uses a Magpul MOE stock and A1.5 Style fixed rear sights with A-frame front sights. If you want something even lighter in this series, then you can turn to the small PSD-P Pistol, which features an 8" barrel and LWRCI Folding BUIS sights.


Standing for Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle, the R.E.P.R was designed for those serious about long-distance shooting. It offers either a 16.1" or 20" barrel, both offering extreme performance from the .308 Win or 7.62 NATO rounds. It includes either a Magpul MIAD stock or B5 Systems SOPMOD option on the smaller barrel. Shooters can also look at a spiral fluted barrel option to help reduce recoil more effectively.


Like the name would suggest, the Six8 series of rifles is chambered to accept the 6.8mm round and allow for more versatility in the field. Shooters will enjoy the full-sized M6.8-SPR or the Six8 A2 as well as the compact Six8 UCIW. Like all LWRC rifles, these options come fully ambidextrous for easy control by any shooter.

When you are looking to get your hands on anything from LWRC, look no further than Omaha Outdoors. Our online marketplace makes it easy to browse through the selection and find exactly what you need. We make your service our top priority and back up this promise by delivering some of the best shipping times in the industry. If they have any questions, please contact us so that we can help with your LWRC needs.

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