If you are in the great outdoors for any reason whatsoever, a good pair of binoculars is an absolute must. Those who go outdoors for hunting or tactical purposes also require a few extra tools, working with the latest technology to keep them on target. Optical products may be easy to come across today, but if you are serious about your application, then you want to work with the best. Having over 100 years of experience making optical solutions for all variety of outdoorsman, Leupold is definitely a brand you should consider.

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Always Keeping You On Target

Working with all variety of optics for the modern outdoorsman, Leupold & Stevens, Inc. was founded in 1907 with a pretty clear mission. They wanted to provide the absolute best in optics of their time and over 100 years later that family tradition continues. Five generations in, the company is still run by Friedrich Leupold’s descendants. Over the years, it has been recognized within the industry for its high quality products and in 2008 it expanded its operations by purchasing the smaller Redfield Optics company. Today, it continues its family tradition of excellence and produces a wide range of different scopes, binoculars, and red dots to always ensure you stay on your target right.

Always See What You Need with Leupold Binoculars

Though Leupold organizes many of their products based on their application, many of their binoculars can be used for a variety of purposes. Their BX-1 McKenzie Binoculars are a great example of this type of versatility. Working great for both observational purposes and outdoor shooting or hunting, this quality model is built to offer streamlined performance. It is compact yet durable, offering a waterproof design and multi-coated lens to deliver a crisp, clear image of your target. Whether you are just spotting an animal of interest or locking in on your next prey, these are great choice to have in the field.

Of course, those who want something truly compact might instead consider the BX-1 Rogue model. These binoculars are designed with a sleek body profile, making them easy to carry out in the field. They use the high performance Porro prism optical system, which delivers some of the best images available to the modern outdoorsman. If you want a more traditional look instead, the BX-1 Yosemite might just do the trick. Built to work with smaller hands and using a classic design, it provides a cost-effective alternative.

Though hunting and outdoor exploration are popular, Leupold also understands that there are sometimes other matters at hand. As such, they create some great tactical binoculars as well. The BX-2 Tactical Binoculars are one example of their innovative styling. This model is not only waterproof and fogproof, but it includes a shock-proof construction that can be essential to covert operations. More importantly, they use a built in reticle to allow for more accurate range identification of targets.

Spotting Scopes and Rangefinders to Keep You On Target

Instead of using binoculars though, many might find that a spotting scope is better suited to their job. This can be especially true of hunters or tactical operators who want to cut back on weight and size as much as possible. The GR Spotting Scope is one great option to consider. It uses the same rugged construction as their binoculars and offers unsurpassed optical quality in the field.

If you are in the great outdoors for observation or hunting, the Kenai Spotting Scope is another excellent option. It uses a high-definition picture and delivers generous light transmission to give a clear image out in the field. The definition and clarity offered by this scope are hard to match, especially at the normal price point. Those interested in tactical uses will instead find the Mark 4 Spotting Scope to be more appealing. Built using either a Mil Dot or Tactical Milling Reticle, it provides a durable platform to keep you on target during a critical mission.

Scope for Your Favorite Rifle

Whether for hunting or tactical purposes though, shooting always requires a good scope if you want to hit your target right on. This is why Leupold devotes quite a bit of attention to the development of quality riflescopes. Their VX-6 Riflescope offers a 6:1 zoom ratio and even at full magnification provides a crystal clear image of the target. If you are looking for something with low-light performance, you might consider the VX-3L instead, which uses a revolutionary design to hug the barrel of your rifle.

Of course, Leupold has also recognized the need to change with the times and as popularity of red dot and other reflex sights has grown, they have realized the full potential of these optical devices. With that in mind, they designed options like the LCO, or Leupold Carbine Optic. With 16 brightness settings, this 1 MOA red dot provides clear accuracy and quick target acquisition out in the field. If you need to magnify your red dot optic, they also make the D-EVO, which stands for Dual-Enhanced View Optic. This provides a great way to magnify your LCO and keep you on target for those longer shots.

Finally, Leupold also designs a variety of other scopes, meant for both rifles and shotguns. They even offer some handgun scopes for those who have more specialized purposes in mind. If you are interested in crossbow hunting, you might also consider one of their scopes designed specifically for a crossbow.

Find Leupold Rifle Scopes at Omaha Outdoors

Naturally, Leupold also produces all the necessary mounting equipment for your favorite rifle or shotgun, so if you are buying sporting optics you should easily be able to get it set up properly. Whether you are hoping to improve your hunting performance or just looking to observe some animals in their natural habitat, the quality options from Leupold are definitely something you should consider. When you shop with Omaha Outdoors, you gain access to these optics in the same place you can buy all your other camping gear, making your shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible in today’s busy world.

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