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Are you looking for a firearm that is truly designed with performance in mind? Do you want that combination of power and style that results in a unique and custom weapon you can use with confidence? When it comes to this high level of quality, companies like Les Baer will always stand out with a unique offering in the industry.

At Omaha Outdoors, we have Les Baer 1911 pistols and rifles for sale. We work with you to ensure you get the absolute best service and the quickest shipping available online today. Our goal is to become your number one provider of all firearm related products, which all starts with this high level of service.

About Les Baer Customs

Started in 1991 and headquartered out of LeClaire, Iowa, Les Baer custom works primary with pistols but also produces a variety of rifles. A company built on serious shooters, Les Baer Custom is in the business of manufacturing only the highest quality custom firearms. Many of these firearms are competition ready and others are just built with the tactical mindset, both ensuring that shooters get the most out of their firearm. At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a wide variety of these guns in-stock to ensure you can always find what you need.

Les Baer Custom 1911 Guns For Sale

Les Baer produces all variety of custom 1911 style pistols. Each of these is made with a strict attention to detail and a focus on quality. If you want the best performance in the most attractive package, any of these weapons will provide exactly that.

The Stinger is one of the most popular optioned offered by Les Baer. It features a compact 1911 design and all of the standard features you would expect. Using combat sights and rounded edges it is an excellent option for a tactical carry pistol. Shooters can choose between the standard .45 model, a stainless finish, the .38 Super model, and the GT Monolith Stinger.

The Monolith series of pistols from Les Baer includes a few different varieties based around your individual needs. The basic Monolith comes ready with a 3” guarantee at 50 yards and provides for an excellent platform for the .45 ACP or .38 Super. It features a beautiful construction that is sure to intimidate anyone on the other end of the barrel. The Heavyweight model adds some extra weight to the center of the pistol to make for perfect balance. If you want something more compact, the Monolith Comanche is an excellent option and still comes with the 3” guarantee. Finally, you can consider the Monolith Comanche Heavyweight for an extra couple of ounces and better balance.

Another popular option is the Thunder Ranch special, which also includes night sights. Designed by Clint Smith, the director of a training facility dedicated to training people for survival situations, this all black 1911 offers a distinct look and performance you can count on. Every part of this weapon was built with real self-defense shooting in mind, and it includes 3 stainless steel magazines to ensure you always have enough ammunition for the job.

The Hemi is a truly unique design offered by Les Baer. Inspired by the Chrysler 1970 Hemi Cuba, this 1911 variant features an aggressive frame that is built to perform. It offers a fiber optic front sight with green insert and has the option for a special tactical package for enhanced performance. It offers two 8 round premium magazines and delivers exceptional performance from a .45 ACP. The Hemi also comes with a 3” guarantee at 50 yards.

The Boss is another tribute to old muscle cars, this time looking back to the popular and stylish Boss 429 Mustang. Like the Hemi, it comes guaranteed ready to shoot with a 3” grouping at 50 yards and includes front fiber optic sights with a red insert. It includes an extended combat safety and two premium 8 round magazines ready to accept .45 ACP.

Les Baer offers many of these weapons with a 1.5 MOA guarantee. They also have a variety of caliber options, including .45 ACP and .38 Super. This gives you great control over your choice and allows you to get the perfect pistol for the money.

Les Baer Custom Rifles - 1/2 MOA Guarantee

For those who are looking to find Les Baer match and sniper rifles for sale, we carry a selection of those as well. These superb rifles are chambered in .308 and offer either an 18” or 20” barrel option. The included muzzle brakes reduce felt recoil to be more like a .223 and the match barrels guarantee a ½” MOA at 100 yards.

Of course, Les Baer also makes a variety of .223 rifles for both civilian and law enforcement use. The M4 Flattop model is one of their premier options, both the law enforcement and civilian models including a ½” MOA guarantee at 100 yards. They also offer the NRA Match Rifle, which includes a barrel with an overall length of 30” for extreme accuracy when you need it.

Find Les Baer 1911 / Rifle Components and Accessories

Naturally, Omaha Outdoors also carries a variety of parts designed by Les Baer for use with their weapons and other, similar models. This includes 1911 parts such as slides, match barrels, frames, muzzle devices, and more. They also make separate rifle uppers and lowers that are available for sale. This makes it easy to customize your existing weapons and bring them up to higher performance standards or simply to augment your next Les Baer firearm.

If you are serious about shooting, then you understand how much of a difference a custom firearm can make in your shooting performance. When you need a weapon that will really keep up with you, the options from Les Baer Custom are always an excellent choice. As an authorized dealer, Omaha Outdoors promises to stock up on the widest possible selection of their products.

When you have questions or decide you are ready to order your next firearm from Les Baer, please give us a call. We look forward to helping you get the weapon you need.

Les Baer Custom For Sale

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