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No matter who you are or what your shooting priorities might be, having a good battle rifle is an essential part of any firearm collection. Whether you are preparing for the possibility of some sort of national catastrophe or simply looking to keep your skills sharp at the range, it is important that this rifle work to a certain degree of quality. This is why shooters often look to the military and local law enforcement for the best direction. Of course, one of the best designs to stick around is the AR-15 and companies like Knight's Armament offers a great version of this popular rifle.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a wide variety of Knight's Armament Company rifles and accessories in stock and ready to ship. This gives us the advantage of being able to provide some of the best shipping times in the industry. Combined with our friendly and knowledgeable staff, this helps ensure that all shooters are able to get the service they need and find the firearms that will help them with any endeavor. So, use our handy sorting features to find what you need or call us directly for help.

Knight's Armament Presents Their AR15

Formed in 1982 in Titusville, Florida, the Knight's Armament Company (KAC) is most well-known for their efforts in producing quality AR-15 designs. Over the years, they have developed various design specifications to provide a top quality product designed for both military professionals and the civilian market alike. Their Rail Interface System (RIS) and Rail Adapter System (RAS) are used to provide their rifles with a proprietary advantage over many of today's competitors. Those who want pure American quality will often seek out a rifle from Knight's knowing that they can get the absolute best performance when it matters most.

Military Models

KAC works to produce a variety of powerful military model weapons. The M110 is one of their popular models. After being named by the U.S. Army as one of the "Best 10 Inventions of 2007," this 7.62 NATO chambered rifle has seen a lot of use in the field. It offers ambidextrous controls to ensure anyone can operate it and comes with a 20 round quick change magazine to provide for rapid reloading in the field. It uses a 20" barrel chrome plated and topped with a sound suppression system to provide the best performance in the field. This comes in a variety of specialized configurations as well, like the K3 model, which includes a 16" barrel and a MAMS brake for significant recoil reduction.

For those who want a standard performance carbine that they can trust in the field, the SR-16 may be the best choice around. It uses a hammer forged 14.5" barrel with a 1:7 twist to deliver powerfully accurate shots using the popular 5.56 NATO cartridge. Based on the AR-15 design, this is compatible with other Mil-spec parts and provides unwavering performance in the field. If covert work is on the agenda, you may prefer the SR-30, which is chambered in .300 BLK and offers a dedicated suppressor on top of the 9.5" barrel.

To replace the MP5 submachine gun, KAC produces the 6x35mm PDW 8 and 10 inch models, both offering submachinegun performance in a more reliable package. The SR-635 fills a similar role, offering a lightweight way to stay safe in the field. They also produce a variety of other weapons, like the M203 grenade launcher and the Master Key 12 gauge, both of which can be attached to your standard military rifle of choice.

Civilian Models

Of course, most shoppers aren't in the military. Instead, civilians want to be able to get the rifles they need at the right price and with the highest quality. When this is the order, there are three major options offered by KAC: The 5.56 SR-15, 7.62 SR-25, and .300 BLK SR-30. Each of these performs to military specifications, but comes in semi-auto only fire mode to ensure it is ready for the civilian market.

Like the military weapons, they each come with specialized configuration options, but the standard SR-15 comes with a 14.5" barrel and uses a SOPMOD stock, KeyMod system, and URX 4 handguard to provide the best in performance. The SR-25 uses the AR platform but offers the larger 7.62 NATO cartridge from its 16" barrel. Finally, the SR-30 comes with a 9.5" barrel and a flash hinder that is ready to affix any suppressor you might need.

Knight Vision

In addition to their various rifles, KAC also offers their Knight Vision optical solutions. These include a variety of models that can appeal to different applications. The UNS-SR adds night vision capability to your standard scope mount and weighs in at only just over a pound to provide the ability to see out 250 meters under only starlight and identify a man. If you want even better performance, the AN/PVS-22 offers this capability out to 500 meters, but it comes at an extra half-pound of weight, which can make the different in a tactical situations.

Of course, the UNS-TsM takes the cake for the best performance. Though it weighs close to 3 pounds, it will allow clear vision out to 1000 meters, even under heavy battle conditions. This is just a small sample of the different Knight Vision products offered.

Other Knights Armament Company Products

To give shooters the best possible experience, KAC also provides a variety of other products and shooting accessories at a competitive price. They produce many different RIS and RAS systems designed to help shooters get the configuration they need on their rifle. If you want to customize the optics on your weapon, you might consider one of their optical mounts or a set of backup iron sights. Those seeking to make their weapon easier to control might look to get additional rifle accessories, such as a flash suppressor or muzzle brake to reduce the felt recoil. Finally, you can pick up extra magazines and other parts needed to maintain your AR.

Omaha Outdoors works with companies like KAS to keep a variety of these products in stock. No matter what you need, our convenient store front helps to make shopping that much easier. If you can't find what you need or you have some questions about what you see, please feel free to contact us directly for help. Otherwise, sort through the options below and make your selection. We look forward to sending your next rifle and helping you prepare for whatever might come.

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