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While a casual target shooter who just owns a couple of guns for enjoyment at the range might not think much about extra features, the modern operator needs to consider every aspect of his weapons before taking them on a critical mission. Usually, this means taking the battle rifle you purchased from the manufacturer and making sure to outfit it with all of the right parts and accessories to ensure a smooth operation. This way, it can be utilized in the field without having to worry about whether it is ready for action. On a mission to build all of the best small arms accessories to ensure that shooters today have the performance they need, Kinetic Development Group (KDG) does an exceptional job meeting these needs.

At Omaha Outdoors, we are delighted to carry a wide selection of Kinetic Development Group parts and accessories all in one, convenient place. This makes shopping for parts easier than ever before and allows you to find all of those special parts you need without driving around and hoping the items are in stock. So, where should you begin your shopping?

Building the Perfect Battle Rifle

Tired of the restrictions within a large US firearms manufacturing company, a team of former executive sales and development personnel decided that they could make a more profound impact on the firearm community if they took their expertise elsewhere. Appropriately naming this new company Kinetic Development Group, building off the concept that they had both potential and kinetic energy to really make a splash, these professionals began fleshing out the ideas that they were unable to explore within the confines of their larger companies. They began focusing on the deficits they found in rifles and carbines and continue to make new innovations every day to offer the best options for the tactical professional.

SCAR MREX Solutions for Mounting Your Accessories

The first system offered by Kinetic Development Group, the SCAR MREX was developed specifically for the popular SCAR battle rifle. Working with the Magpul MLOK modular design, the MREX was KDG’s first major venture to help owners of this rifle get the most out of their weapon. It weighs only 3.7 ounces for the longer 6.5” rail system and also includes 2 MLOK polymer accessory rails. A one-piece extension system, it allows for the removal of the barrel and gives you the modularity you need. They are available in both black and FDE (flat dark earth).

Kinect QB MLOK Mounts Changes the Way You Shoot

Though it might seem like a simple concept, KDG realized that the MLOK mounting system could be made more convenient for the modern operator by removing the need for an Allen wrench. A standard picatinny attachment, the Kinect simply provides a point for easy QD mounting. It is powered by two spring-loaded wedges at the base. These wedges can be put into place with two deployment triggers, which effectively lock them in. In the field, you can easily attach or remove these pieces as necessary without having to individually remove the accessories attached on them. This makes setting up your mission loadout that much easier.

Available in a variety of sizes and special purpose uses, this innovative system will help you with virtually any battle accessory. The standard Kinect can be used with one MLOK section, but they make a double sized one that features 7 slots and is used with two sections. Additionally, they make a Kinect specifically for Harris bipod mounts. If you want an offset flashlight, they make a universal offset mount and one built just for the Surefire Scout. These are built to be compatible with any MLOK rail system and are black anodized for durability.

Kinetic Development Group AR Accessories

While the first rifle KDG worked on was the SCAR, they quickly decided that if they were creating such innovations it also made sense to provide them for the very popular AR-15 platform as well. They started this off with the MREX AR MLOK 11” rail. Designed as a free-floating option, it works to hug the rail as closely as possible and is extremely easy to install. It allows for plenty of picatinny rail sections to be added and offers an ergonomic setup and comfortable C-grip design. With a flat bottom, it is ideal for shooting off support.

Beyond the MLOK rail system, they also provide more standard MREX configurations. For these, you might want to buy some individual picatinny rail sections, which they make from 6061-T6 aluminum and provide with a black hard coat anodized finish. Once you purchase all the necessary rail sections, you might also consider their innovative Gripstop system. This simple accessory can be attached on your bottom rail and provides a way to keep the firearm more stable in your shoulder pocket. Alternatively, it can also be used in a combat situation by pushing it up as a barrier stop against a wall, vehicle frame, or barricade.

See Better with SIDELOK Optics Mounts

Developed as a revolutionary new mounting system for optics, the SIDELOK uses a patented cam system to lock the mount down onto your picatinny rail. It requires no tools, side levers, or large knobs and operates on a release system that allows you to change it out in the field with ease. Thanks to this innovative system, you can work with a variety of optics at the ready and simply switch in the one you need when you need it. At this time, they have mounts for the Trijicon MRO, Aimpoint Micro, and Patrol Rifle Optic.

Other Kinetic Development Group Accessories and Parts

If you are considering Kinetic Development Group parts for sale, you might also be interested in some of the other parts they have to offer. Naturally, you can find plenty of options for the SCAR, such as the talon ambidextrous safety selector, which provides a great addition to your tactical build. The Scarging Handle, which is an ambidextrous charging handle is another great option. You can also get a Gripstop designed for your SCAR rifle or a Magpul stock kit.

Regardless of which platform you turn to for your tactical shooting or what parts you might need, Omaha Outdoors makes it easy to order. We keep a wide variety of these parts in stock to make shopping more convenient and utilize advanced sorting features to help you find what you need. If you have any questions, our customer service staff is attentive and helpful, ready to answer your call and help you place your order. Beyond this, we offer some of the fastest shipping in the industry, which gives you peace of mind knowing your order will arrive fast. So, select the Kinetic Development Group parts you need below and place your order with confidence.

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