Out of all the tools available today, there are few that offer the utility of a good folding knife. With a compact design and an easy-to-use platform, the folding knife has benefited greatly from today’s technology. Though a folder will never match the durability of a fixed blade knife, technology today has made it possible for folding knives to accomplish some great feats. When you are in a survival situation, having your daily carry knife on hand can go a long way to helping you survive. This is especially true if your daily carry knife happens to be a Kershaw.

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Carving Their Way into the Industry

Founded in 1974 in Portland, Oregon, Kershaw Knives began its early life when Pete Kershaw left Gerber Legendary Blades to create his own line of cutlery. Using his experience with another major knife manufacturer, he was able to quickly gain traction in the industry. Though many of the early designs were manufactured in Japan, the company now has a headquarters in Tualatin, Oregon where it produces most of the modern cutlery. Over the years, this innovative knife company has worked to produce some of the highest quality blades, providing for everything from all-purpose utility knives to special purpose hunting blades.

Kershaw Every Day Carry Knives

Kershaw makes more folding knives than it would be possible to account for. These options range from tiny pocket folders to much larger weapons that can easily be used in place of a fixed blade knife should the need arise. Among their newer offerings is the Launch series. These folding knives feature a CPM154 blade and offer different finishes based on the model. The Launch 1 uses a BlackWash black-oxide finish and offers a 3.4 inch blade. The Launch 2 uses a 3.25 inch blade and features a stonewash finish. The Launch 3 returns to the 3.4 inch length and offers a simple black-oxide coating. All feature a push button lock and are reversible based on your dominant hand.

Kershaw Special Purpose Knives

Of course, not everyone needs an all-purpose carry knife. Instead, you might be looking for something specific to help with your favorite outdoor activities. Perhaps you would be more interested in something like the Zipit Pro designed in conjunction with Buck Commander. This specially designed blade is meant to make skinning easy and clean thanks to the thin, tapered blade.

Similarly, you might consider the 1895 & Zipit combo pack. The Buck Commander 1895 is designed to give you the best control while field dressing in the included Zipit gut hook makes it easy to skin the animal without worrying about puncturing the gut sack. If you don’t like the 1895, they also offer a combo pack with the Zipit gut hook and a Antelope Hunter II, which has an ergonomic grip that many hunters today prefer.

Naturally, hunting is not the only reason you might want a more specialized blade. With that in mind, Kershaw also produces pieces like the Taskmaster Saw. This using the design of a folding knife but uses a full-length 7 in. saw blade in place of the standard blade. It uses a push button lock and is made from high-carbon steel and nickel-plated to protect it from corrosion.

Fixed Blade Options for the Outdoorsman

Depending on your outdoor activity, there are also a variety of other fixed blade options that you might consider. If you are taking a journey into the deep bush, you might carry the Camp 14 or Camp 18 machete, which feature a 14” and 18” blade, respectively. They both use a full-tang design and include a rubber-molded handle to absorb the shock. Alternatively, campers might also like a Camp Ax or Firestarter, both of which provide the quality you expect from Kershaw.

If diving is more your speed, you might select from a variety of different fixed blade diving knives. The Sea Hunter is a popular option, made from 420J2 steel to offer the best in corrosion resistance while providing a full tang 3.5 inch blade to help you cut through netting or anything else you might encounter. If you are worried about the point, they also make a Blunt-Tip Sea Hunter.

Other Bladed Tools by Kershaw

Of course, folding knives are not the only thing that Kershaw is known for. Being an all-purpose cutlery provider, they also produce a variety of other cutting tools. This interested in throwing knives might like the Ion, a set of three perfectly balanced throwing knives that come in a convenient nylon sheath. Another new addition to the family is the K-Tool, a small keychain multitool that offers a bottle opener and flathead screwdriver as its primary functions. Alternatively, you might want one of their hatchets, like the popular Siege, or the newer Tinder, both designed with a great balance to offer utility to any outdoorsman.

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