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If you want a quality knife for outdoor or tactical use, KA-BAR is always an exceptional option to consider. Among all of the tools you might have with you for outdoor or tactical purposes, a good knife is definitely one of those items you cannot do without. A good blade can be used by emergency personnel to free a trapped driver by cutting his seat belt, by a hunter for field dressing, by an outdoorsman to chop firewood, or by a tactical professional to cut cord. In an emergency, a good knife can even serve more than its intended purpose, allowing you to drive nails, break glass, or perform a variety of other important duties. Able to perform such a wide range of tasks, the quality of your knife should always remain paramount.

When you are looking for KA-BAR products online, you won’t find a better place to shop than right here at Omaha Outdoors. We maintain a variety of these items in stock and ready to ship, ensuring you have the easiest time finding just what you need. This includes all the fixed blade, folding knives, and special purpose options you have to keep on hand. If you have any questions about a specific product or need help choosing what type of blade will work best for your purposes, go ahead and give us a call directly. Otherwise, browse through our selection below and place your order when you are ready.

The History of KA-BAR Knives

One of the oldest cutlery manufacturers in the United States, KA-BAR Knives, Inc. traces its history back to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1897. At that time, 38 men banded together to form a partnership known as the Tidioute Cutlery Company. In 1902, the company was purchased and the name changed to the United Razor Company. By 1909, the name changed again to the Union Cutlery Company, but the real emergence of KA-BAR as it is today came around a decade later. During the 1920s, the company began branding their knives with the company name. The major breakthrough came in 1942, when KA-BAR submitted a knife to the US Marine Corps for consideration and the blade was adopted. Today, the legacy continues with some of the highest quality cutlery.

Carry a Fixed Blade Into the Bush

The iconic design, made in the USA and trusted by those who need something tough enough to handle anything, the full-size, black KA-BAR is the standard for many all-purpose utility knives on the market today. It features a Kraton G, non-slip handle design, providing an ergonomic grip to keep your hand steady during use. The 1095 Cro-Van steel is tough enough to hold an edge, but resilient to corrosion thanks to the black finish. It is hardened to 56-58 HRC, and features a 20 degree blade angle for a razor sharp option. Overall, the standard knife measures 11.75” with the blade hitting that perfect 7” mark. If you prefer, you can also choose one with a partially serrated edge. Ready to be shipped out with a MOLLE compatible sheath, this model remains popular among outdoor enthusiasts and tactical professionals.

Get Your Everyday Carry Folders

Of course, if you are navigating your way through the city, you usually don’t want a bulky fixed-blade knife like this at your side. Instead, you might want to consider a good folder that you can carry discretely in your pocket. KA-BAR produces a variety of excellent options for this purpose. The Mule Folder is a great option for military and tactical personnel. It features a reversible pocket clip to ensure anyone can use it and comes with a polyester sheath. The blade sticks to the 20 degree angle of the full-size model and measures 3.875” long. Overall, the knife measures 9.125” long when open and features a Zytel handle for durability. Made from AUS-8A stainless steel, it has enough carbon to hold an edge, but is made naturally resistant to the elements.

If you are on a budget, you might consider the inexpensive Agama Folder instead. This one features an overall open length of 8.5” and includes a 3.625” blade. This blade is made from 420 stainless steel and offers a hardness of 50-52 HCR. With the clip-point design, it is great for everyday carry. For just a little more, the Dozier Folder is another AUS-8A option and provides a great hunting tool. Its blade is 3” and it measures 7.25” overall, making it a great all-purpose folder when you are out on a hunting expedition.

Military and Tactical Options

Beyond the standard KA-BAR knife that is trusted by the USMC, they also produce a variety of exceptional options that you might want to consider as you prepare for your next tactical operation. The Jarosz “Turok” is a collaboration effort and is made from 1095 Cro-Van steel to provide a 56-58 HRC hardness. It features a unique Ultramid handle for comfort and offers that effective 20 degree blade angle for a sharp cutting edge. With a clip-point design, it measures 11.5” overall and offers a 6.25” blade.

Those who need something a bit more specialized might consider the Becker TacTool. Made from 1095 Cro-Van steel, this also features an Ultramid handle and provides for a 56-58 HRC hardness. It measures 7” long at the blade and 12.5” overall. The unique design offers a flat blade tip, a serrated lower edge, a cutting hook in the back, and more. Its unique shape allows it to smash, pry, hammer, and cut just about anything you come up against.

KA-BAR Knives for Hunting and Outdoor Use

If you are looking for a great tool to take with you camping, you might consider the Hobo 3-in-1 utensil kit. This is made from 420J2 stainless steel and offers a knife, fork, and spoon for your outdoor meals. It fits nicely in its little sheath and makes for a great companion. Similarly, those navigating through a thick bush might consider a Kukri machete. Featuring that familiar kukri 11.5”, this tool measures 17” overall and provides a powerful cutting edge. Since it is made from 1085 carbon steel, it will hold an edge even after heavy use. Alternatively, a refined hunter might want the Leather Handled Hunter. This model features a DIN 1.4116 stainless steel blade, measures 4”, and offers a fixed-blade length of 8.125” overall. It offers a brass buttcap and leather handle for a distinguished look.

Order Your KA-BAR Knives from Omaha Outdoors

Regardless of what activity you are undertaking, having a high-quality knife is absolutely essential to navigating your way through life. A good KA-BAR on hand can ensure you are able to tackle all of those obstacles that get in your way on the battlefield, in the wilderness, or within the urban jungle. Whether it is a folding knife, a fixed blade option, or something more specialized, you can always find what you need right here at Omaha Outdoors. Thanks to our lightning fast shipping, we will have the items you need ready and shipped out right away.

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