Just Right Carbines

Though the shooting scene might be dominated by big name manufacturers, there are still a variety of smaller players in the industry that have carved out a particular niche for themselves. A company does not need to have hundreds of thousands of square feet and hundreds of employees to make its mark. Instead, many of these smaller companies have developed solutions some of the most common shooting challenges. This allows them to reach their target audience effectively and often without the size or space of larger company. Being American made, these companies also hold a special advantage because they can offer a lower cost and higher quality in general. Among these companies, Just Right Carbines was established with a specific mission in mind: provide a simple carbine design.

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Envisioning a Simpler Shooting Experience

Born in 2009 in Upstate New York, Just Right Carbines, LLC had a vision of giving shooters around the country an easier pistol-caliber carbine that anyone could get used to. Though they are still a young company, they have quickly earned respect in the firearms community, gaining a reputation for producing quality parts. Each year, they work to improve their design, working with the latest technologies and listening to customer feedback to provide the easiest-to-use carbine available. They work tirelessly to continue this effort, hoping that shooters will enjoy the pistol-caliber carbine without worrying about difficult operation experiences.

The Pistol Caliber Carbine

All of Just Right Carbines’s products are made at their headquarters in New York using American parts and labor, ensuring a quality construction. They are offered in four distinct models with a few different magazine configurations within those models. Most of these operate using a Glock magazine and calibers available include 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .357 SIG. Alternatively, they also produce some that use the M&P magazine, allowing for either 9mm or .40 S&W.

Whatever model you select, the core construction components remain the same. The carbine works with a semi-automatic option using a simple and reliable straight blowback system. This has been shown to produce an effective cycling rate, allowing for great reliability at the range. It uses a configurable bolt, allowing easy access for lefties and righties alike by allowing the charging handle to be moved to either the left or right side of the frame.

All of them are made with a lightweight 17” barrel and they offer a free-floating quadrail forend or takedown tube forend. The top of the receiver has a picatinny rail machined directly into it, providing a flatform for affixing any accessories you might need. Depending on the model you select, it comes with either a fixed buttstock or a 6-position adjustable design based on the M4 layout.

The weapon is constructed using 6061T-6 aluminum and undergoes a hard coat anodizing to make it more resilient to the elements. To make it easier for new shooters to get used to the layout, it offers standard M4 style furniture and trigger components. Overall, it measures out to be 33 ½” long and weighs in at only 6.5 lbs.

In addition to the standard configuration, the carbine is also available in a variety of other finishes. For those who might be working on a boat, the marine model offers a nickel-plated design and comes with a muzzle brake to diminish felt recoil. If you live in California, they manufacture a specific California-compliant model to ensure you can enjoy shooting without breaking any local regulations. They also offer a SAFE Act compliant model as well.

Just Right Carbines Extra Parts

Naturally, Just Right Carbines also offers replacement parts and accessories for their customers. If you want to work with a single carbine and have the option to swap out calibers, you might be interested in a conversion kit, which allows you to easily change the caliber of your weapon in a few simple steps. They also manufacture tools and parts that are intended specifically for their carbines. This makes maintenance much simpler and ensures that you are able to keep your weapon working at its absolute best. If you want the best shooting experience, you can pick many of these extras up online.

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