Inforce APL Gen 3 lights for sale at Omaha Outdoors are taking the pistol world by storm. Inforce started a few years ago with the Inforce WML designed to be mounted on rifles and shotguns, which they continue to make and upgrade, then added the APL to expand their success to the pistol mounted light market.

Inforce Expands Light Options

The earliest iterations of Inforce lights showed great promise, but needed improvement in some areas. Inforce paid attention to comments from end users and quickly came out with the Gen 2 and now the Gen 3 versions, bringing more light and a more durable body with a more reliable attachment method.

The latest Gen 3 APL and WML from Inforce offer twice as many lumens, 400, as the previous Inforce WML Gen 2 and Inforce APL Gen 2 at 200 lumens. Plus, there's the APL White IR and WML White IR which offer the same levels of naked eye visible light as their standard counterparts while also allowing substantial amounts of infrared light – 75mW at 850nm. The best thing about these lights is that they're compact and lightweight – only 2.8oz with batteries, and the Glock APL version is designed to fit all models of Glock pistols with a rail. Like all Inforce lights, they can be had in black or flat dark earth, too.

Handheld Lights For Everyone

Weighing only 3.3 ounces, the Inforce 6vx White light gives you 300 lumens on high and 40 lumens on low. This is comparable in performance to some of the most expensive lights on the market in terms of output, but far lighter in weight. And with a built-in pocket clip, you won't have to buy an aftermarket clip that may or may not fit properly. Being built in the US, you can be assured that it's of much higher quality than the cheap imported flashlights flooding the market. The 6vt offers similar specifications but in an even lower profile format.

For those who need plenty of light and plenty of runtime, there's the Inforce 9vx with 500 lumens for a full 3 hours and 60 lumens for as long as 15 hours. With constant on, momentary on, and strobe modes, plus a strobe disable option for when you don't want to cause epileptic seizures in nearby people, the 9vx could easily be considered one of the premier handheld LED lights on the market.

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