Heritage Manufacturing

If you have a real passion for shooting, then you have a definite appreciation for the history of firearms. Over the years, the tools have evolved significantly, growing from muzzle loaded, black powder muskets that were nearly impossible to aim to the modern rifle that can hit a target accurately from more than a mile away. Handguns have undergone some serious innovations as well, but no matter how advanced the technology gets, shooters always have a certain appreciation for those “Old West” revolvers. Whether you want one purely for display purposes or you need a new weapon to defend your home with, Heritage Manufacturing offers quality construction that you can trust to get the job done.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a variety of Heritage Manufacturing revolvers and leather accessories in stock and ready to ship. This makes it easy to scratch that western itch and get the authentic look you are going for. Our goal is to become your number one destination for all things firearm related and we hope to accomplish this by offering you the best customer service experience. If you have questions along the way, please call us directly. Otherwise, sort through the options below and enjoy your stay.

Building Off American Heritage

Based out of Miami Lakes, Florida, Heritage Manufacturing specializes in producing “Old West” style revolvers and accessories to compliment these revolvers. As an American gun manufacturer, they take pride in their work, providing authentic looks and delivering a top quality product. They work with an array of different designs, but most of their revolvers are based on the old Rough Rider configuration. Using the best in precision manufacturing procedures, they are able to deliver top-quality parts at a price people can really afford to buy.

Small Bore Revolvers

Heritage Manufacturing bases their small bore revolver family after the rough rider frame. This iconic look provides for a no-nonsense construction that you can rely on in any situations. Each of these revolvers starts with a 6 round cylinder and most are chambered in .22LR / .22 Magnum, giving you the choice to load whatever ammo you feel is most appropriate for the situation at hand.

The barrel is made from 1215 steel and ranges in length from 3.5 inches up to 9 inches, depending on your individual preference. It uses a 1:14 right hand twist to provide accurate shots and comes standard with open fixed sights to give that truly authentic look. Most frames are constructed from aluminum alloy to offer a lighter weight and tougher construction (though an all-steel frame is available) and most options include a blued finish for appearances. Users can select between a variety of grip options, including cocobolo, mother of pearl, and more authentic options.

Big Bore Revolvers

Though they maintain the same profile as their small bore revolvers, these big bore options are meant for shooters who really mean business. Made with a steel frame and 6 round steel cylinder, these revolvers are available in either .357 Magnum or .45 Long Colt. The standard model uses cocobolo grips and comes with a 4.75 inch barrel, the .357 offering a 1:18 ¾ right hand twist while the .45 offers a 1:16 right hand twist.

If you want something a bit larger, they also offer the .357 Magnum in a 5.5 inch model, which gives a more intimidating look. No matter what model you choose, it features a blued finish to provide that authentic look. Finally, all of these models offer a smooth 5.5 lb. trigger pull, which should help you get those consistent spreads when accuracy is important.

Custom Heritage Manufacturing Grips

In many westerns, you see cowboys with their custom revolvers. One of the best ways to show off their personality is to outfit their weapon with some custom grips. If you are going to use one of these modern reproductions, you might also want to work with some grips that are tailored to your individual preferences. These grips offered come in a variety of finishes and are made with a variety of materials, ensuring you can find just what you need. Some of the most popular options include: mother of pearl white, black strata, bonded ivory, exotic hardwood cocobolo, mother of pearl pink, and many more. If you think you might prefer a custom look, you might consider picking up some new grips when you order your revolver.

Heritage Manufacturing Accessories & Leather

In addition to these firearms and custom grips, Heritage also manufactures a variety of accessories to ensure you can enjoy the best shooting experience. If you want to make sure no one shoots your weapon without permission, you might want to pick up on of their gun locks, which are specifically designed for use with their revolvers. They also sell black nylon holster to accompany their weapons, giving you a modern way to transport your new gun. If you want to display your firearm, you might consider one of their display stands or cases, which offer a great look.

Finally, they manufacture a variety of leather products to give you that real authentic feel. Perhaps you want a holster that really fits the personality of your new handgun and one of their embossed holsters will do the trick nicely. If you want to complete your look, you might pick up a leather belt to go with, many of which include bullet loops to store some extra rounds. They also sell cylinder pouches, wrist cuffs, and other leather goods to complete your western look.

Whatever you might be in the market for, Omaha Outdoors is on a mission to ensure you are able to find everything you need. When you are ready, please feel free to call us directly. Otherwise, simply place your order below and just wait for the new items to arrive. We are proud to be your go-to provider for online shooting needs.
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