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The original repeating rifle was developed back in 1860 by Benjamin Tyler Henry. Though the lever action has been largely replaced by bolt-action or semi-auto designs today, some shooters still enjoy the feel of a good lever action rifle. Aside from the distinct feel it gives you, there is no denying the beautiful styling that these unique weapons offer their owners. Paying homage to this classic design, Henry Repeating Arms looks to offer modern shooters with a timeless classic.

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Leading The Lever Action Community

In spite of its name, the Henry Repeating Arms company doesn’t have any direct ties to Benjamin Tyler Henry, the inventor of the firsts repeating rifle. It also has no relation to Winchester Repeating Arms, which is where the original designs from Henry took form. Despite this, Henry Repeating Arms is currently the leading manufacturer in America for lever-action weapons. Established in 1996 in Brooklyn, New York, the company began as a small operation in the city but by 2008 it has moved its headquarters to Bayonne, New Jersey, where it now operates out of a 100,000 square foot facility. It also owns a facility in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, which is where they machine the receivers and supply some of the other core parts for their weapons.

Lever Action Rifles

Of course, the biggest selling point for Henry Repeating Arms is their selection of lever action rifles. The Classic Lever Action comes into the family chambered in .22 and will accept 15 round of .22LR, 17 round of .22L, or 21 rounds of .22S. It uses an 18 ¼” barrel and comes with an American walnut stock. The blued barrel and lever give it that classic look you are looking for. If you want a shorter weapon, you can opt for the lever carbine, which cuts off about 2” on the barrel. They also produce a variety of other Lever Action models, including a youth variant, a Magnum variant, and the Varmint Express, which is chambered in .17HMR.

The Henry .30/30 Rifle

If you are looking for the perfect weapon to hunt whitetail with, then you should consider The Henry .30/30 Rifle. Chambered in .30-30 caliber, it comes with a 5 round capacity and offers a 100% American construction that makes it accurate and reliable in the field. The checkered American walnut stock offers a rubber buttpad to diminish felt recoil and make it easier to handle in the field. It comes standard with a semi-buckhorn rear sight and brass beaded front.

The Henry Original Rifle

For those who have the money and will to emulate the original design, The Henry Original is the ultimate lever action rifle out there today. It is chambered in .44-40 and comes with a 13+1 capacity. It features a hardened brass receiver that is hardened to have the same tensile strength as steel and comes with a single piece 24” octagonal barrel. This is topped off with a fancy American walnut buttstock and a hardened brass baseplate at the end. It uses a bladed front sight and comes with a folding ladder rear, providing a truly classic shooting experience.

Other Lever Action Designs

Henry Repeating Arms also makes a variety of other lever action rifles. Their Mare’s Leg remains true to the original design, offering an overall length of 25” and providing that iconic look as it fires either .45 Colt, .44 Mag, or .357 Mag. If you want an engraved model but are shopping on a budget, you might consider the Silver Eagle Rifle, which comes into the lineup under $1,000. Both the Golden Boy and Silver Boy rifles are also very popular options.

U.S. Survival AR-7

One of their more unique products, the Survival AR-7 was designed to be the ultimate companion for someone surviving in the wilderness. On the surface, this weapon looks like your typical semi-automatic .22 LR. It comes with two 8 round magazines and measures out to be 35” long overall. It is made with an ABS plastic stock, which keeps the carry weight to a light 3.5 lbs. and uses a Teflon coated receiver and coated steel barrel to ensure it can stand up to the elements.

Of course, the has the unique ability to be disassembled and stored entirely within the stock. In this configuration, it measures only 16.5” long, which makes it easy to store in your backpack or in a storage compartment on your boat or plane. The stock is impact and water resistant, which makes it perfect for when you are on the go in a survival situation.

Henry Repeating Arms Special Designs

A lever action rifle is a nice display piece by itself, but even more nice than that is a custom lever action rifle. Among these options, Henry Repeating Arms offers a few different options. One of those options is the Henry Original Deluxe Engraved Rifle. This limited edition production run resulted in only 1,000 separate rifles. The .44-40 24” barrel, lever action rifle comes with a special engraved frame and an American walnut buttstock. It also includes a unique serial number ranging from BTH00001 to BTH01000 to show that it is part of the limited production run.

In addition to this, they also make a variety of tribute models, including: EMS, Military, Firefighter, Law Enforcement, Truckers, and more. If none of these are unique enough for you, then perhaps you should consider the Henry Corporate Edition. This option comes with a 25 model minimum purchase and includes a custom engraving based on your company logo. It can serve as a great promotional tool or an inventive to your employees.

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