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Firearms from Heckler and Koch at Omaha Outdoors are world renowned for their outstanding quality and attention to detail in design and manufacture. Their pistols, submachine guns, and rifles have been the stuff of movie, TV, and book legend while also filling the holsters and being slung up by the world's foremost counter-terrorist teams and military special operations forces. No distinction is made between these products and those sold to civilians when it comes to manufacturing – only the best will do for team HK, and the words No Compromise isn't just a phrase to the people who design and build their guns.

Heckler and Koch Guns For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

As a direct Heckler and Koch dealer, we have access to the full product line from the company, including HK parts and accessories you won't find everywhere else you see an HK pistol for sale. Most American gun owners have seen HK pistols in person or fired them, so we'll start there before moving to their line of rifles. Both the pistol and rifle product lines have been thoroughly tested and engineered to provide a lifetime of service in harsh environments.

Heckler and Koch Pistols

The newest model in the HK pistol lineup is the Heckler & Koch VP9 LE and other derivatives of the VP9 design. The first new striker fired pistol from HK in many years, it nevertheless builds on the company's extensive experience with the type, starting with the first ever production polymer frame striker fired pistol from any company, the HK VP70. While Glock stole a bit of the HK thunder by making a semi-auto striker fired polymer frame pistol that turned the gun world upside down, HK has finally responded with a striker gun of their own.

The 9mm HK VP9 was meant to have the same level of fantastic ergonomics introduced by the HK P30 series, which we'll discuss soon. Replaceable backstraps and palm swells allow the exact tuning of the shape of the pistol grip by the end user to a far higher degree than most other interchangeable backstrap pistol model. The trigger is quite outstanding for a striker service pistol – for any service pistol, really – whether it's the full-size VP9 or the compact VP9 SK we're talking about. A long slide VP9L has been introduced for competition shooters and those who prefer additional muzzle velocity and sight radius. For those who find .356 caliber bullets too small and would prefer their projectiles to be forty-four thousandths of an inch larger and called 40 S&W, an American measurement in inches instead of 9mm, a European measurement in metric (whatever that is), there's the VP40.

Heckler and Koch P30 pistols look and feel a lot like the VP9, but you'll notice a hammer at the back of the gun. These pistols carry on the proud tradition of the USP in offering a smooth DA / SA trigger pull along with the option for light double action LEM models, those with thumb safeties which double as decockers, and those with decockers only depending on the needs of the end user. Though more expensive than the VP9, models like the H&K P30L and P30 have raised the bar for DA /SA guns in terms of trigger quality, accuracy, durability, and reliability under the most extreme conditions. For a compact, DA /SA polymer frame carry gun, choose the HK P30SK. The Heckler Koch P30 is often overlooked due to its hammer in today's striker fired world, which is a shame, because it is a truly excellent pistol.

If you want the finest modern service handgun available in 45 ACP, the caliber which singlehandedly won World War II and defeated the Nazis, look no further than the Heckler & Koch HK45. This gun combines the ergonomics and reliability of the P30 with the most American cartridge this side of 50 BMG. Magazine capacity is reduced compared to the 9mm and 40 cal versions, but still better than the single stack 1911. An HK45 has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds, while Compact versions carry 8 rounds. HK45 Tactical and HK45 Compact Tactical models have threaded barrels and make excellent suppressor hosts.

Moving back in time in the HK pistol lineup, we find the legend itself, the HK USP 9mm, USP40, and USP 45. These pistols were selected over Glocks by a lot of shooters in the 90s due to their superior triggers and outstanding accuracy. The USP is a bit of an anachronism today due to its proprietary accessory rail, but if you don't need to attach a light or are willing to use an adapter or light designed to mount to the USP, the pistol can make an outstanding home defense or duty gun. Different "Versions" often labeled V1 or V3 change the USP from DA / SA with safety and decocker to DA / SA with decocker only or, if you want a light double action only LEM trigger type for carry, select the closely related but smaller HK P2000SK. The USP is the design which spawned the larger HK Mark 23, a handgun large enough to be used as a serious melee weapon when it wasn't being used to take impossibly long-range pistol shots in 45 ACP. Built for the SEALs, it's gained a cult following not just for its special operations heritage but its simply unique design and function.

HK Rifles Available to Purchase

Despite a long history of producing roller delayed blowback rifles like the G3, HK91, HK93, and uber sniper rifle PSG-1, the Heckler and Koch online catalog now contains new designs radically different from the rifles of HK's past. The rifles with which it is currently winning military contracts are based on the AR15 design. Of course, the AR15 design doesn't extend to the HK rifles' mode of operation, which features a short stroke gas piston and op rod in place of the traditional gas tube and bolt with what are effectively piston rings to seal gases.

We are of course talking about the HK416 and its derivatives such as the HK IAR which is now in use by the USMC as the M27 and the bigger 308 / 7.62 NATO versions like the HK417 and HK G28 which have been adopted by several military forces as a semi auto precision rifle. In civilian form, these rifles are semi auto and otherwise have several differences when compared to their military brethren. The civilian .223 version of the HK416 is called the MR556, and the civilian 308 version of the HK417 is called the MR762.

Both retain the piston / op-rod arrangement, and their barrels are hammer forged like the military rifles, but these models omit the chrome lining of the military guns, intended to limit corrosion in harsh environments because chrome lining could cause a minor loss of accuracy. The MR556 and MR762 have undergone several changes since introduction, and HK seems keen to keep both models up to date with the latest in handguard, stock, and pistol grip designs, though both rifles feature proprietary HK parts rather than aftermarket components – with the exception of Troy Industries micro sights. A heavy barrel and two-stage match trigger ensure excellent groups and are designed to be used with, in the case of the MR556A1, both 5.56mm and .223 Rem ammo, and in the case of the MR762, both 308 Win and 7.62x51 ammo.

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