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GunVault safes for sale at Omaha Outdoors keep your guns out of the hands of bad guys and children alike. They could quite literally save lives, and they’re meant to work within anyone’s budget and the space available in smaller places like apartments and inside vehicles. Using biometric security, your guns are never more than a touch of the fingers away and you won’t have to fumble with keys when you’re under stress.

GunVault Safe For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

Products in the GunVault online catalog are best known for their innovative line of low profile and small safes which hold one or two guns and protect them from view, from theft, and from tampering or curious children. They’re unobtrusive and often designed to fit within the areas one might normally not expect to store or find a gun, which is ideal from both a space-saving perspective and a theft prevention one. Take, for example, the GunVault SpeedVault (SV500) safe. A digital keypad allows you to program a custom entry code which will instantly allow you access to a single stored handgun, and it’s designed to mount inside a cabinet or on the underside of a desk. This is handy if you work in an office and would like a secure way to store a firearm and keep it nearby during the workday, especially if you handle cash or valuables and see people face-to-face, heightening the risk of a robbery. A backup key allows access in the event of dead batteries, but there’s an audible low battery alarm to give you a heads up about that potential problem well in advance.

If even the small and unobtrusive SV500 safe is too big for you, check out the GunVault MicroVault (MV500) safe. It’s about the size of a hardcover book and stores one compact firearm inside a tough steel case with foam lining to prevent rattling noises and damage to the items stored inside. A four-foot security cable allows you to chain the safe to a table leg, car seat mounting leg, or truck bed cargo hook. Braille-style markings on the keys ensure you won’t accidentally push the wrong buttons when you need to open the safe and there’s also a correct key beep to let you know you did hit the right button every time. Again, there’s a key serving as a manual override, and the 9 volt battery is easily changed and monitored for battery health.

If you’d like a battery and electronic-free gun vault safe for valuables and firearms that can be cabled to a vehicle, another fixed object, or even stored in your luggage, there’s the NanoVualt NV100, NV200, and NV300. These feature key or combination locks and manual opening procedures. The included 4’ or optional BB3000 6’ security cable attaches inside the case at one end for extra protection against theft of the entire safe.

Stepping up to the MultiVault Duluxe allows you to store multiple firearms and significantly sized valuables in a safe which is still much smaller than the vast majority of full size gun safes. Roughly the size of a decent toaster, the standard, deluxe, and a biometric gun vault like the MultiVaults allow you to choose from keypad code entry or fingerprint recognition as well as battery-only or external AC power options for quick access to the contents.

Aside from the compact and effective gun safes for sale at Omaha Outdoors, your GunVault dealer, we also have security options for firearms too large to fit in a pistol vault. The MagVault AR rifle magazine lock is a high visibility orange device which fits and locks into the magwell of an AR15 rifle, preventing a magazine from being inserted or a round being chambered. It’s removable with a key and superior to many trigger locks because it’s less susceptible to bolt cutters.

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