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Products from GunMate at Omaha Outdoors fill a definite need in the gun world. You just purchased the gun you wanted after saving for a while, and after the firearm, accessories, mags, and ammo are tallied up, you might have enough money left over for a few Happy Meals this month. But then you realize you need a way to carry all this stuff to and from your car and your house and the gun range without prying eyes seeing that you’ve got a gun. What’s the answer? Gun cases and range bags from GunMate. Want a sheath for a gun to keep fingers out of the trigger guard while it’s sitting on a shooting bench? GunMate holsters are the answer. The GunMate online catalog has a lot of solutions to common gun owner problems.

GunMate For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

When you go to the range, you need to carry a bunch of stuff. Eye protection, ear protection, targets, staplers, a GoPro and a timer to show all your friends on the Instagram how fast you were, ammo, magazines, double bag pouches, more spare earplugs, and of course at least one gun. Omaha Outdoors doesn’t recommend you place all of these items in a plastic shopping bag and have everything spill out halfway across the parking lot when you could pick up a tough range bag from GunMate made with heavy duty materials and with enough pockets for all your gear and straps to make carrying it all a breeze. Since it has the simple appearance of a black nylon bag without any overtly tactical features, most people in your apartment complex will probably think it’s a gym bag. Maintaining a low profile is a lot cooler than having all your stuff stolen because you let everyone know you had guns at home while you were away.

If you’re about to head out on a hunt, or if you’re going to the range with a rifle or shotgun, you want to keep it from getting damaged. Whether it was Grandpa’s skeet shotgun or it’s the deer rifle you’ve been saving up to purchase for a long time, you want to avoid scratches and dings. You’ll also want to ensure that the scope doesn’t lose zero, resulting in a missed shot - or worse, a slightly off-center shot causing an injured but not dead animal to limp through the forest and disappear. Later that night, you go to sleep remembering the plaintive cries of the deer as it wonders why its leg doesn’t work anymore. You need a padded rifle carry case, and you can avoid all of these problems with GunMate scoped and unscoped rifle cases in lengths of up to 52”. You can also bring plenty of ammo along without carrying anything separate from the rifle using the GunMate buttstock shell holder, an elastic sleeve which slides over the buttstock and holds nine spare rounds in the rifle version or five shells in the shotgun version.

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