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Gorilla Silverback Ammo 9mm 115 Grain Solid Copper HP 20 Round Box

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Few rounds offer the same level of accuracy, terminal performance, and reliability as Gorilla Silverback 9mm 115gr Self Defense available at Omaha Outdoors. If you carry a 9mm pistol for self defense purposes, you owe it to yourself to check out Gorilla Silverback ammunition before almost anything else. It's that good.

What More Could You Want?

If a list of priorities for defensive ammunition were made, it might look something like this: reliability, accuracy, consistency, and terminal performance. If a round doesn't fire or feed properly, that's an instant game over, with no reset button available. If it isn't accurate, you could miss a vital zone, miss the target, or worst of all, hit an innocent person. If it isn't consistent, it might do really well most of the time but for that one shot you're really counting on it'll let you down in some way, whether that's expansion or some other factor. Finally, if it doesn't penetrate and expand enough to cause rapid and massive bleeding and damage, it will allow your attacker to continue their attack with minimal interference, the consequences of which should be obvious.

Gorilla Silverback's 9mm 115 grain load is about as perfect as one could expect when all of these factors are considered. We've tested it in a lot of guns and found it to be reliable in extreme conditions, as accurate as match ammunition, totally consistent from shot to shot, and exceptional in terms of expansion and penetration. If you want the best 9mm carry ammo, look no further than Gorilla Silverback.

More Information
Grain Weight115
Bullet TypeSolid Copper HP
Units per Box20
Units per Case200