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Gorilla Silverback Ammo 45 ACP 230 Grain FBI Solid Copper HP 20 Round Box

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Gorilla Silverback self defense ammo is among the best on the market - including their 45 ACP 230gr FBI load which has been tested and is enthusiastically sold by Omaha Outdoors. Solid copper hollow point bullets, nickel plated cases, match primers, and premium powders are loaded together by precise machines under the watchful eye of Gorilla Ammunition employees. Quality control inspection includes laser measurements and hand inspection of every round. This is one serious company.

Have the Biggest Gorilla On Your Side

The biggest, heaviest, and deepest penetrating self defense pistol load made by Gorilla in their Silverback line is the 45 ACP 230gr FBI penetration load. It's specifically designed to meet the 12" minimum standard for penetration set forth by the FBI for handgun cartridges, and it does so with incredibly consistent and impressive expansion, too.

We've personally tested this load in a variety of 45 ACP pistols and found it to be a reliable and easy to shoot – but still powerful – option for self defense. We would, and in fact do, carry and rely on this ammunition every day.

More Information
Caliber45 ACP
Grain Weight230
Bullet TypeFBI Solid Copper HP
Units per Box20
Units per Case200