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Gorilla Silverback Ammo 45 ACP 230 Grain Solid Copper HP 20 Round Box

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Gorilla Silverback ammunition in 45 ACP is meant for those who want the absolute best defensive handgun ammunition available for carry or home defense purposes. This particular load is their 230gr Self Defense Ammunition and it's ideal if overpenetration is a concern while expansion is a priority for you. Of course, reliable feeding and extreme accuracy are a given with the consistent Gorilla load procedures and projectile design and construction ensured by turning every bullet on a lathe from a chunk of solid copper!

When Rapid, Consistent Expansion is Goal One

Look at an expanded Silverback 230gr Self Defense bullet and you'll see a massive starfish of death. Unlike some bullets that just mushroom a little upon impact, the Silverback SCHP opens immediately to a huge diameter, its sharp petals cutting everything along a nine to ten inch path. If twelve inches of penetration is more your style, Gorilla offers their FBI load for such needs – but the Self Defense load seen here is all about girth, not length. It's unlikely any armed attacker you shoot center mass with several Gorilla Silverback 230 grain solid copper hollow points will be around to debate the finer details of the round's terminal performance.

More Information
Caliber45 ACP
Grain Weight230
Bullet TypeSolid Copper HP
Units per Box20
Units per Case200