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Gorilla Silverback Ammo 300 AAC Blackout 205 Grain Solid Copper HP 20 Round Box

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If you hunt with a silencer and 300BLK Omaha Outdoors has the perfect ammunition for you – Gorilla Silverback 300 BLK 205gr Solid Copper Hollow Point. This ammunition is meant for use with a silencer or sound suppressor and will reliably feed and function in semi autos like the AR15 as well as bolt actions chambered in this unique round. The Silverback line is about much more than feeding and function, although that's the bread and butter of any ammo. Where Silverback distinguishes itself is in accuracy, precision, and terminal performance.

Slow and Steady Fills the Tag

This isn't a blisteringly fast magnum cartridge. With a 205gr bullet made from solid copper and turned on a lathe, Gorilla loads this 300 blackout round to produce a muzzle velocity of 1040 fps. As quiet as you'll get for a lethal firearm with a silencer attached, the hollow point round will expand immediately but still penetrate deep into the target, causing significant bleeding all along the wound track. You won't need to hunt a blood trail for hours and you won't have to worry about humane kills – the Silverback round delivers it all. Of course, these same traits make it ideal for duty use or self defense in the home. The bad guys will never hear what hit them.

More Information
Caliber300 AAC Blackout
Grain Weight205
Bullet TypeSolid Copper HP
Units per Box20
Units per Case200