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Gorilla Match Ammo 300 AAC Blackout 220 Grain Sierra MatchKing 20 Round Box

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Subsonic 300 AAC Blackout ammo from Gorilla Ammunition includes the 220gr Sierra MatchKing, equally useful for defensive use or match target shooting. Originally designed as an ultra-long-range projectile for the 300 Winchester Magnum and similar calibers, the 220 SMK has found a new home in the 300 Blackout thanks to Gorilla Ammunition.

Smash Bad Guys Or Paper, Your Choice

Although the SMK is meant for target shooting, not hunting, duty, or defensive use, in the 300 BLK it is effective at close range for these purposes. The bullet will tumble and due to its sheer size cause quite a bit of damage to tissue along the way. With a muzzle velocity of 1030 fps and a projectile weight of 220 grains, you could consider this round to be a pumped-up 45 ACP, a cartridge well known for terminal effectiveness in close encounters. But unlike 45 ACP, this 220 SMK can be shot to extreme ranges with great accuracy thanks to its insane .311 G7 ballistic coefficient. With proper holdovers, you could even shoot to 1000 yards! Because the subsonic bullet is already subsonic, it never enters the transonic region with its inherent instability. Velocity loss is quite minimal, perhaps only about 20% at 1000 yards, meaning that if you can do the math right, this cartridge is wildly versatile.

More Information
Caliber300 AAC Blackout
Grain Weight220
Bullet TypeSierra MatchKing
Units per Box20
Units per Case200