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Gorilla Match Ammo 260 Rem 123 Grain Sierra MatchKing 20 Round Box

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Bullseyes know they're about to get ventilated when Gorilla Ammunition loads their Match line, mating 260 Rem cases with a 123gr Sierra MatchKing bullet. In between are a match primer and a carefully measured proprietary powder selection which results in maximum performance and minimum group sizes.

Precision Rifle Shooters Know 260 Rem is Awesome

6.5mm / .264 cartridges have been gaining in popularity for years for their combination of ballistic coefficient and low recoil which allows shooters to hit easier and farther while bucking wind better and practicing more before calling it a day due to a sore shoulder or an induced flinch. Everyone from precision rifle shooters in national competitions to guys who just want to shoot small groups at their local range can benefit from the inherent advantages provided by 260 Remington and the added benefits of competence and attention to detail provided by Gorilla Ammunition when the manufacture all their products, but especially the Gorilla Match line. The cherry on top is the selection of the Sierra MatchKing bullet, which in 123gr .264" guise provides a G7 ballistic coefficient of .260 – that's superior to even a 175gr .308" SMK at .243 and almost equal to a 190gr .308" SMK at .270! With a muzzle velocity of 2850 fps, you'll be able to shoot supersonic past 1000 yards with this load.

More Information
Caliber260 Rem
Grain Weight123
Bullet TypeSierra MatchKing
Units per Box20
Units per Case200