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Gorilla Match Ammo 223 Rem 77 Grain Sierra MatchKing 20 Round Box

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Some shooters want to squeeze the most performance out of their AR15, and for them, Omaha Outdoors offers the 223 Rem Gorilla Match 77gr Sierra MatchKing load. This isn't a round you'll use for doing mag dumps while bumpfiring – it's a serious tool for the shooter who needs to print the smallest groups possible, even at extended ranges.

SMK + Gorilla Ammo = Excellence

It's no secret that the Sierra MatchKing is an outstanding choice for long range shooting, and the 77gr version for 223 Rem loads is no exception. With a G7 BC of .190 and muzzle velocity of 2540 fps, you'll be shooting flatter and bucking wind better than your competitors with lighter bullets. Consistency from the tip of the bullet to the primer, thanks to Gorilla's fanatical obsession with ensuring quality in every round, ensures that you'll see groups so small you'll think your rifle was bolted to the bench. To top it all off, at ranges where self defense or on duty shootings are most common with an AR15, the terminal ballistics of the 77gr SMK are devastating.

More Information
Caliber223 Rem
Grain Weight77
Bullet TypeSierra MatchKing
Units per Box20
Units per Case200