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A huge selection of Glock pistols for sale are available from Omaha Outdoors. We are a Glock stocking dealer, but we also offer much more, including in-house cerakote refinishing as well as factory color options. If you want your new Glock to be duty or competition ready right out of the box, we also offer customization options including trigger upgrades, new sights, barrel swaps, and more!

Glock Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

You don't want your Glock to look like every other pistol at the range. Maybe you want it to stand out for practical reasons, like making it easily identifiable on the bench among other pistols. Maybe you want it to look awesome on Instagram. Maybe a certain color holds significance to you. Maybe you want it to blend in with the rest of your tan or flat dark earth gear. Whatever your reason, we offer Factory Gray, Urban FDE, OD Green, Wonka Purple, Rosso Red, Snow White, Vera Blue, Spartan Bronze, Victoria Pink, we can do these and more with our in-house cerakote department.

Cerakote work will take 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the season. All our cerakote work comes with a 12 month workmanship warranty. We don't cover normal wear and tear from holstering or accidents like scratches from dropping the pistol or pistol whipping bad guys after you run out of ammo. We do cover bubbles, flakes, and coatings wiping off during cleaning – we'll recoat it for free. Most of the time these problems are going to become apparent well before the 12 months runs out. We are proud of the work we do and want you to be happy with the way your pistol looks.

Level Up to +5 Accuracy and -10% Reload Speed

The stock Glock is a great gun, but especially in the last few years, innovative companies have developed new ways to make a great gun even better. Slight changes in the way the trigger pivots or the width of the rear sight notch are capable of providing huge subjective and objective improvements in performance, either in speed or precision - or both, in some cases. Of course, classic upgrades like metal night sights give you an increase in shootability at night or in low light as well as a durability increase.

In video games, you have to fight endless waves of bad guys, rack up lots of XP, or search the farthest corners of the map to unlock new weapon upgrades. At Omaha Outdoors, all the upgrades are available as soon as you “unlock” the pistol with your credit or debit card. We'll even install them for you, from night sights to barrels and trigger upgrades. Depending on how many upgrades you want on your Glock, you might want to take a look at the Agency Arms, Salient Arms, and ZEV Technologies pistols we have in stock – we are a dealer for Agency Arms and Salient Arms International as well as a distributor for ZEV Technologies. Even if you don't buy a complete pistol from one of those custom shops, their parts and slides can drop right on to the right Glock.

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