Glock 19 Gen 3 Handgun 9mm DAO 15 RD 4.01"

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Some shooters look to select a weapons platform based on their application while others look at a weapon and judge its suitability for a specific task based on its features. If you have a wife or girlfriend in the house with you, one of the best options for home defense is a 9mm, as this provides a lower-recoil alternative to get the job done right. Out of the options out there, the Glock 19 Gen 3 9mm makes for an excellent choice.

With 15 rounds of 9mm ammo ready in the standard magazine, this compact polymer pistol provides an exceptional solution to your self-defense needs. It is not only durable thanks to its unique frame design but also provides exceptional accuracy thanks to its hexagonal rifling. The fixed sights provide a great view of the target, allowing you to keep each shot on target. With the “safe action” system, you can truly enjoy a point and shoot option, allowing you to quickly deal with threats as they arise.

When you are looking for a compact 9mm that will offer the best in performance under any working conditions, you should definitely consider this G19 at Omaha Outdoors.

More Information
Model19 Gen 3
Sight Radius6.02"
Overall Length7.36"
Frame ColorBlack
Slide ColorBlack
Slide Width1"
Barrel Axis Height1.26"
Barrel Twist1:9.84
Front Sight ColorWhite
Front Sight MaterialPaint
Rear Sight ColorWhite
Rear Sight MaterialPaint
Weight Unloaded23.40 oz
Weight Loaded29.4 oz
AccessoriesManual, Lock, Cleaning Rod, Nylon Brush, Mag Loader