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Ghost Inc products at Omaha Outdoors have long been known to provide outstanding benefits to Glock shooters, and their connectors are often the go-to solution to make an out-of-the-box Glock shoot like a custom competition gun with only a few minutes’ work. But their products aren’t limited to Glock any more, and they also make a connector for the Ruger SR9 / SR40 / SR45 series.

Ghost Inc Products For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

As a Ghost Inc dealer, we have many in stock Ghost Glock parts for sale like the bullet slide release, but none of their parts are more in demand than their connectors. From a few original parts to the amazingly wide selection they have now, it’s safe to say that if you are looking to make your Glock trigger better, Ghost has the parts for you.

The most well-known Ghost connector is simply known as the 3.5 as it takes a stock Glock with a stock trigger spring down to a 3.5lbs trigger pull weight. It’s a drop-in part and will reduce shooting and trigger pull effort, but if you’re not comfortable with a 3.5lb trigger on a carry gun, have no fear. A longtime secret amongst Glock owners is to pair the Ghost 3.5lb connector with an OEM Glock Olive or Orange trigger spring to make the pull much crisper than stock but with either a roughly stock (Olive) or heavier than stock (Orange) trigger pull weight. The Orange trigger spring alone was originally designed to make New York police pistols harder to fire. On its own, it makes the Glock far less pleasant to shoot. Paired with a Ghost connector, it makes a Glock less susceptible to unintentional discharges while also improving trigger pull. Most find the 3.5lb connector and the lighter Olive spring to be a better combination. From a price to performance ratio standpoint, you would be hard pressed to do better than those two parts.

The 3.5 is far from the only Ghost connector, however. Other models include the Ghost Rocket, EVO Elite, Pro 3.3, and EDGE connector options. A Glock 17 / 19 Ghost Pro connector might be your favorite modification ever. Ghost calls the Pro 3.3 the lightest and smoothest connector on the planet with side benefits of eliminating trigger overtravel and stacking. It’s a custom fit part – after install and test fit, trim down the Trigger Control Tab (TCT) until the pistol dry fires and you’re good to go. It’s available solo or as part of a kit with safety plunger spring, trigger spring, and two firing pin / striker spring options of 4 and 6lbs. This kit works on all Gen 1 to 5 Glocks and requires no permanent modifications. To make install easier, you might want to pick up the Ghost Armorers Plate which allows you to see through the back of the pistol and identify exactly how everything is working, but we don’t recommend fitting these parts yourself unless you’re properly trained and certified and really know what you’re doing. For those who don’t want the work of fitting a connector, there are other options, such as the Ultimate 3.5 and the Edge 3.5. Please note that the Glock 42 / 43 uses different connectors which are also available from Ghost Inc.

Of course, the Ghost Inc online catalog contains other Glock parts for sale, such as Ghost maritime spring cups which are SUPER HYDRODYNAMIC and will allow your gun to shoot when the firing pin channel or striker channel has fluid or debris inside by allowing those fluids and contaminants to flow right through. Normally these parts are restricted for sale by Glock, but Ghost makes them available to everyone. Another way to increase the reliability of your Glock is to use a Ghost Grip Plug which prevents debris from getting into the action via the butt of the gun. These are sized for different models including the 42 / 43, Gen 1-3, and Gen 4 / Gen 5 Glocks.

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