In the time since the name change to American Outdoor Brands Corporation, the Smith and Wesson Company doing business as GEMTECH has introduced several new products, putting to rest concerns that the corporate takeover might result in the decline of a highly regarded silencer manufacturer. GEMTECH suppressors at Omaha Outdoors are easy to afford and buying a GEMTECH suppressor online has never been easier. As a dealer, we can offer their full product line including pistol, rifle, and rimfire silencers, and with our $9.95 flat shipping rate, you can rest assured that your dollars are going as far as possible.

2017 GEMTECH Product Releases

GEMTECH has been expanding their product line for decades, and gems for 2017 include the INTEGRA silencer which is integrated into a barreled AR 15 upper receiver. These integrally suppressed upper receiver groups are available in 300 BLK and 5.56 NATO and have features specifically designed to reduce blowback, which can be uncomfortable when shooting suppressed. Also new is the LUNAR-45, the lightest and quietest modular 45 ACP suppressor that can be disassembled for cleaning. On the fun side of things, GEMTECH has introduced a 4-lug quick detach mounting system for 22LR firearms.

GEMTECH Suppressors For Sale at Omaha Outdoors

If you are exploring the idea of buying a silencer or sound suppressor for the first time, you might be drawn to an established name like GEMTECH because you don't want to waste your money on fly by night solutions. There are many options when it comes to picking a GEMTECH suppressor for sale and all of them are high-quality sound suppressors. On the other hand, if you know silencers and suppressors well, you know that a GEMTECH silencer has long been a sound reduction solution you can trust. The online catalog is full of products for both the veteran silencer owner and the new shooter who just wants to make their gun quieter.


The GEMTECH HALO has long been a strong contender in the world of rifle suppressors, and they now offer the shortest and lightest HALO to date, the titanium GMT-HALO. For those who need an even simpler solution, the standard HALO features a fully welded Inconel and stainless suppressor core, and it can be attached to the standard A2 birdcage flash hider as well as being compatible with the Primary Weapons Systems FSC556 mount and KAC556 mount. There's a reason why so many military units have picked up the HALO when they were in need of a 5.56mm silencer – it's backed by decades of experience in design and manufacturing.


Like the HALO, which is designated as the true "grunt" suppressor, the GEMTECH TREK is a compact and rugged 5.56mm rifle silencer. It is rated for full auto and suitable for SBR rifles with 10.3" barrels or longer, unlike some silencers which cannot handle the pressure emanating from short barreled rifles. It is sized so that you can have it pinned to an 11 inch or longer barrel and have an overall length greater than 16 inches, meaning you don't have to file two forms for two tax stamps to have a short suppressed AR, just one.


Intended for .30 caliber bolt action or semi-auto precision rifles, the GEMTECH SANDSTORM suppressor is also suitable for use on 300 BLK, 7.62x39, 6.8 SPC, and 5.56x45 rifles. The silencer threads on to 5/8x24 barrels and features titanium construction for reduced weight. Despite the larger diameter of the exit hole which is intended to reduce the incidence of damaging baffle strikes, the SANDSTORM offers an outstanding sound reduction.


Put simply, the GEMTECH QUICKSAND is a quick detach version of the thread mounted SANDSTORM. It's compatible with GEMTECH flash hiders and mounts for the HVT and mounting takes only one hand and a few seconds' effort. Construction is identical to the SANDSTORM, including 100% welded high tensile strength titanium, resulting in an ultra-lightweight 7.62 silencer which can be attached and detached from a rifle in the blink of an eye.


If you want to buy a pistol silencer which can be used on a wide variety of handguns, look no further than the GEMTECH BLACKSIDE-45. It can be used on popular 45 ACP suppressor hosts like the Glock 21 as well as being mounted on 1911 pistols which combine style and precision to make for an attractive silenced pistol, both in terms of looks and effectiveness.


GEMTECH HVT suppressors are built tough with less exotic materials for those who just need a rugged silencer. The HVT-QM is a steel Quickmount 308 silencer which offers excellent sound reduction and is ideal for urban and rural tactical operations. HVT flash hiders and mounts can be used for rapid installation and removal of the HVT-QM, and please note that the 5/8-24 thread mount HVT-THD is a discontinued product.


Everyone who has fired a 22LR pistol or rifle with a sound suppressor attached knows just how fun it is to put lead downrange without making a lot of noise, and that's what you get with the GEMTECH GM-22 22 LR suppressor. It's a simple 1/2x28 thread mount silencer made of aluminum material, so weight is an incredible 2.5oz, and it features the G-Core design which offers a great balance of sound reduction and ease of cleaning.


So you've picked up your new sound suppressor and it's only natural that you want to get the most out of it, meaning both excellent function in semi-auto pistols and rifles as well as the most sound reduction possible. You could buy a bunch of expensive and random boxes of subsonic ammo locally, or you could pick up bulk ammunition from a company that knows a lot about silencers. GEMTECH ammo for sale is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to subsonic ammunition.

22 LR

GEMTECH 22 LR ammo is the bee's knees for shooting suppressed with a rimfire pistol or rifle, whether it's a bolt action rifle, a semi auto rifle, or something full auto. Consistent quality means reliable function, while subsonic velocities ensure both increased accuracy and quiet performance. You know you're going to be shooting your silenced 22 a lot, so buy bulk 22LR ammunition to save money and keep shooting.

300 BLK

GEMTECH 300 BLK ammunition is another great choice for shooting suppressed. The cartridge itself has become very popular due to its effectiveness and ability to be fired from a standard AR15 size and type rifle. Subsonic 300 Blackout cartridges can be used for hunting as well as for self-defense and general plinking use, and GEMTECH makes some of the best subsonic 300BLK on the market.


To get the most out of your GEMTECH silencer purchase, you'll need to buy parts online. These are items which allow the rapid attachment and detachment of rifle silencers, like muzzle devices, as well as parts which enable the reliable function of pistol silencers, including pistons. In some cases, you won't be able to use the sound suppressor without them, and there are so many possible variations that they might not be included with the silencer itself.

Muzzle Devices

Muzzle devices from GEMTECH are so well designed that you might buy them even if you don't need to mount a silencer. You can future proof your rifle collection by picking up a 5.56 Flash Hider or a muzzle brake, depending on your needs, which is of the GEMTECH QUICKMOUNT type. This way, when your forms are approved and the silencers are yours, you can go right to work without having to work on the rifles. For SMG type weapons, the TRI-LUG quick mount is just the ticket, and if you buy a muzzle brake and don't have a silencer to quiet things down, the Blast Jacket helps direct noise and blast away from the shooter. If you just can't wait the 30 seconds it takes to thread a 22LR silencer on a muzzle, the QUICKSNAP is a scaled down QUICKMOUNT for rimfire sound suppressors.

Silencer Pistons

Many pistols don't function normally with the added weight of a suppressor attached to the barrel, so the use of a piston is often mandatory. Buying extra LID Piston Cores also allows you to use the same silencer on multiple pistols, regardless of whether they feature US standard or Metric threads, and you can even use a 45 can on a 9mm pistol with the right threaded piston. The best part about GEMTECH pistons is that they have a no tools required design for installation.

Thread Adapters

Depending on the firearms in your collection, you might find that the same caliber weapons have radically different muzzle threads or mounting solutions for silencers. If you buy a 3-Lug style silencer, but your pistol caliber carbine muzzle is threaded ½-28, the Male 9mm 3-Lug Adapter is exactly what you need. Want to put a 30 caliber silencer on a 5.56mm rifle? The 1/2x28 to 5/8x24 adapter will have you shooting quieter in moments. For the attachment of a threaded style sound suppressor such as the GM-9, MULTIMOUNT, or TRINITY to a 3-Lug muzzle such as an HK or other modified barrel, the GEMTECH female 3-Lug adapter is what you need. Finally, if you are enjoying your new CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 but wish it was a little quieter, the GM-9 or GM-45 CZ-Scorpion adapters will allow you to mount the GM-9 / MULTIMOUNT or GM-45 / Blackside, respectively, to an 18x1mm muzzle thread CZ Scorpion EVO 3.

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