Geissele Automatics

Geissele AR rifle products for sale have long set the standard in their respective category: triggers from Geissele Automatics are widely known as the highest quality and most reliable, and certainly one of our favorites here at Omaha Outdoors. Geissele handguards are preferred by professional shooters for their practical design, light weight, quality finishes, and sleek appearance. Best of all, Omaha Outdoors has $9.95 flat rate shipping on all products.

2017 Geissele Product Releases

Their latest releases include the new SSP single stage trigger. While most associate Geissele with triggers like the SSA, SSA-E, and G2S, all of which are two stage triggers, the SSP is a bit of a departure from the norm for Geissele. The SSP is a trigger offering Super Speed Precision in curved or flat shoe variants, and unlike two-stage triggers, there's no take up. Just add pressure to the trigger bow and you'll experience one of the cleanest breaks available. That's not the only new product from Geissele, though, with the MK13 slim super modular M-LOK rail and MK14 M-LOK adding to their excellent handguard rail line.

Geissele Triggers for Sale

We're certain you'll want to buy your next Geissele triggers at Omaha Outdoors. Why do we say triggers? Because once you try one one of their triggers, you won't be able to get enough of it, and the rest of your ARs will feel lame by comparison. The online catalog is chock full of excellent options, from their wide selection of 2 stage trigger designs for every conceivable AR-15 need to their new single stage trigger. Choose from flat or curved trigger bow options depending on your preferred shooting style – flat bows give you the opportunity to place your trigger at any point in order to fine tune the required trigger pull weight, while curved bows ensure consistent finger placement for the same trigger pull weight every time.


The Geissele SSA trigger is probably the most popular of the high end AR-15 triggers on the market. It offers a super crisp non-adjustable 2 stage pull and lives up to its name, the Super Semi-Automatic, with every trigger press. You might be under the impression that adjustable triggers are better or offer more features, but non-adjustable triggers are more reliable and have less potential for failure in critical tactical situations.


Geissele G2S triggers offer the cost-conscious shooter who still desires the full quality and reliability of a Geissele trigger a lower priced option. Once installed in the weapon, it looks and feels just like an SSA, but doesn't have internal laser markings, the hammer pin is held in place differently, and magnetic particle testing is done only as a spot check rather than on each individual trigger as with the SSA. If you're on the fence about picking up a 2 stage trigger, buy a G2S and don't look back.


For competition shooters, there are very few options which can match the Geissele SD-3G. Super Dynamic 3 Gun triggers offer a balance between the feel and speed of a single stage trigger pull and the sturdy and more safe design of a two stage trigger. The SD3G has a flat trigger bow which maximizes options for the competition shooter in terms of trigger pull, making it suited ideally for 3 Gun competition shooting.

Super SCAR

If you've purchased one of the excellent FN Herstal SCAR rifles, you know how much knowledge and design expertise went in to creating one of the 21st Century's best rifles. However, you probably also know how the rifle can benefit from a two stage trigger, and the Geissele Super SCAR trigger fits the bill with a similar design to the Geissele SSA but perfected for the FN SCAR rifle. It fits both SCAR-L / SCAR-16S and SCAR-H / SCAR-17S variants.


If the idea of a trigger for competition use appeals to you but you'd rather have a curved trigger bow instead of the flat trigger bow of the SD3G, the Geissele Super 3 Gun trigger offers a lightning quick reset and is a 2 stage trigger ideal for 3 gun competitions. Like all premium Geissele triggers, it will make you reevaluate every other AR trigger you own.

DMR Parts Kit

If you've purchased a rifle with a Geissele Hi-Speed trigger, you might not know that you own the trigger which put Geissele on the map and has helped countless shooters win High Power service rifle matches. You also might not know that you can fine-tune the pull by swapping out springs, and the Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) rifle parts kit with spare trigger springs and a tiny tube of ALG Go-Juice will take your competition oriented NRA High Power match trigger and turn it into an ideal DMR trigger for tactical or law enforcement shooting.

Geissele Handguard Rails

The idea of a super modular rail might have seemed foreign to us just a few short years ago, but as a Geissele dealer, Omaha Outdoors offers several super modular rail models for just about everyone who owns an AR. It doesn't matter if you're putting together an AR pistol for range use or home defense or a 3-gun rifle for competition, you can add a Geissele rail to your next AR-15 rifle build to make it the best possible version it could be.


The Super Modular Rail MK4 M-LOK was one of their first rail designs, and it's stayed on due to its ultra-lightweight construction and well thought out design, including a 2.25" long barrel nut to ensure stability of the handguard. It comes in black and DDC (Desert Dirt Color) in 7", 9.5", 13", and 15" lengths.

MK7 National Match

For shooters seeking to build a CMP competition legal AR15, the Super Modular Rail MK7 National Match is a full quad rail variant which offers both a sling mount and the ability to add lead weights to the rail for adjusting balance to the shooter's preference.


The Super Modular Rail MK8 M-LOK rail is one of the most popular options in the online catalog, as it has no integral side or bottom rails, just a continuous top rail and M-LOK slots on the sides and bottom for the addition of components where the shooter sees fit. The MK8, as an ultra-modular rail, makes a great first purchase of Geissele handguards.

HK MR556 / HK416

Having been selected by countless militaries and special operations units, Heckler and Koch rifles including the HK 416 and its civilian counterpart the MR556 could certainly use an upgrade in terms of handguard. A Super Modular Rail HK handguard gives you all the flexibility of a Geissele handguard, including QD sockets at 45 degree mounting points and the ability to mount Picatinny rail sections at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions.