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After spending so much time and money to make sure you bought the best handgun, it is important that you pay attention to how you intend to carry your new weapon. Not only can a holster help to ensure your finish stays nice and clean, but it also allows you to carry with a greater degree of comfort. Though you have likely tried just buying one of those cheap vinyl holsters you found online, your weapon deserves better treatment than this. When only the best will do, Galco is a brand to consider.

When you shop through Omaha Outdoors, you gain access to a wide assortment of Galco brand holsters and accessories. We do our best to keep many of these popular items in stock and ready to ship, which gives you the benefit of rapid shipping and simplified ordering. More important than this, our dedicated customer representatives are on standby, ready to field your calls and help you make the right selection. So, if you have any questions about which holster would best suit your needs or need help placing your order, please call us directly. We look forward to hearing from you and providing for your Galco needs.

Consistently Recognized for Industry Excellence

In 1969, Richard N. Gallagher took his experience and expertise and started a small family business in Chicago, Illinois. Specializing in the construction of horsehide holsters, Galco began to garner a reputation among firearm owners. By 1980, the company moved from its home in Chicago and settled down in Phoenix, Arizona, where it now remains today. In 1983, the company changed its name to Galco International and when the holster was featured on the popular TV show Miami Vice its sales expanded even more. Today, Galco holsters continue to be the most popular option in Hollywood movies and maintain a reputation for excellence in the shooting community as a whole.

Holsters and Ammo Holders

Since Galco is known for its leather holsters, it provides users with a great many quality options to keep you comfortable and your weapons secure. Their Combat Master belt holster is built using premium steerhide and offers full slide and barrel coverage. It uses a traditional pancake design and fits belts up to 1 ¾”, allowing you some flexibility in your clothing choice. Alternatively, the Avenger belt holster is built with a higher holding height and is offered in either tan or black to give the right look to fit your specific needs.

In addition to their many open carry holsters, they have some more specialized models built for concealed carry. Their Concealable Belt Holster is the perfect example of this and features the familiar premium steerhide construction to give you a comfortable option. It is built using a forward-molded contour, that helps stay with your body and avoid potential imprinting. Fitting belts up to 1 1/2”, it provides you a great option to use in the urban jungle. In addition to this, they make ankle holsters and other specialized products.

Of course, carrying your firearm is just half of what you need. When you need to store your magazine, you might pick up their CDM Cop Double Mag Case. This quality holster is made from black cowhide and provides a comfortable way to carry an extra couple of magazines. Alternatively, their Butt Cuff is a great way to keep some extra rounds on your favorite rifle. They also provide a belt speed loader carrier, which can be used by those who wield a revolver.

Belts to Keep Your Holster Secure

Of course, the only way to keep your new holster secure is to get a quality belt. Galco works to produce a variety of high quality belts to ensure they can stand up to the stresses of daily use. Their Instructor belts are made a little different than their typical product, providing a nylon construction. It is offered in either reinforced or non-reinforced construction and is built with a 1 3/4” or 1 1/2” width. They also offer the SB5 and SB6 leather belts in 1 3/4” width, providing some choices for the modern shooter in how they perform.

Their 1 1/2" belts are the most popular option, and they manufacture a wide variety of models to fit your needs. Their SB3 series is a dress belt, providing a formal look to go with your professional attire. For their 1 1/4” belts, they offer mostly dress options, including their Exotic Holster, which is made from alligator, stingray, ostrich, shark, pig skin, or horsehide, depending on your choice. Of course, those who want a more classic look might consider one of their western belt options, which will bring you back to a more classic look.

Slings to Hold Your Weapon Secure

Of course, not all weapons are handguns and when you need to carry your rifle or shotgun into the field you will want a quality sling. The right sling can make a big difference in your carry comfort and can also help ensure you maintain accuracy when it is time to take the shot. Their RS9 rifle sling is an excellent example of this, providing a similar construction quality to their excellent holsters. It features a tapered design and is really built a cut above the competition.

Those who want something more distinct might consider the Braided Cobra rifle sling. This sling is made using Premium Latigo dark havana leather, which gives it a quality construction and unique look. It uses nine hand-braided rows for a unique look and distinctive design. Those more concerned with straight up performance might instead check out the Safari Ching Sling. It gives you a variety of construction options and allows for a unique handling situation that allows you to get match ready performance in the field with little effort. It is perfect for the modern hunter and packs the same quality construction you expect from Galco.

Other Products for Shooting Success

While you are setting up your new holster, you also want to make sure you have any other accessories you might need to stay on point. For starters, you will want to pick up leather maintenance items, which will ensure your holster stands up to daily use and continues to provide the ideal carrying environment. Beyond this, you might pick up a specialized holster to add to your belt, such as one to hold your flashlight or a pair of handcuffs. Galco makes these and also a variety of shoulder holster rigs and accessories to keep you on track.

When it is time to order your next holster, remember that Omaha Outdoors was built by shooters for shooters. We understand what you are looking for in your holster and we look to provide you the options you need in one convenient online marketplace. By browsing through the selection available online, you can quickly find exactly what you need. If you have any questions, you can always pick up the phone and call us directly for help. Until then, shop with confidence. We look forward to sending your new Galco holster directly.

Galco Gunleather Holsters For Sale

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