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While there are plenty of fine firearm manufacturers out there today, those who are serious about getting the absolute best accuracy and quickest response time usually look towards something a bit more than just the basic. Instead, they understand that every millimeter of accuracy matters and that, when push comes to shove, they need features that will ensure they hit their mark. Among those weapons you find like this, the Glock has proven to be extremely popular and offers plenty of great options. When a customized performance Glock is what you need, Fowler Industries makes a strong case to be your go-to company of choice.

Here at Omaha Outdoors, we are proud to keep a wide variety of Fowler Industries Glocks in stock and ready to ship. This means no waiting for an item that is in backorder status and a much faster arrival to your FFL. Of course, our customer-favorite service team is always working hard to provide you the attention you deserve so you make the right choice. More than this, our lightning fast shipping speeds ensure your new pistol is sent out quickly and arrives in no time. So, you just have to select the gun that best fits your style and we will handle the rest.

Built for Reliability and Performance – Fowler Industries

While they it might be a newcomer to the industry, Fowler Industries is quickly building a reputation among shooters for providing some of the best personal defense and competition upgrades available today. On the surface, someone might quickly dismiss Fowler Industries as just another company upgrading Glock handguns, but once you consider the quality and features offered, you will quickly change your mind. With a growing reputation for responsive service and a turnaround time within 8-10 weeks, Omaha Outdoors is proud to partner with them and provide some of the best options. Of course, since we keep many of these models in stock and are constantly ordering new ones, you usually won't have to wait the full 8-10 weeks, which means getting those upgrades you need quicker.

Carry a Mark 1 Pistol for Enhanced Defensive Performance

The Mark 1 is the configuration that most of today's urban warriors will reach for right off the bat. It is designed to be an enhanced carry pistol that simply doesn't put up with nonsense, even in a high stress situation. Starting with the slide, this model receives a machine cut for the Trijicon RMR optic and a 6061 aluminum RMR cut cover plate for mounting. Realizing that weight makes a big difference, mass reduction cuts are added along the surface of the weapon next, ensuring that there is a better overall balance to allow you to maintain accuracy. Front top serrations, angled front cocking serrations, and pyramid rear cocking serrations are all added to ensure that cocking is a breeze. Next, 45 degree cuts are added across all top surfaces for an enhanced feel.

From there, Fowler Industries uses an Enhanced Alpha Barrel coated in black DLC (diamond like carbon) to provide a durable and accurate option. The slide itself is finished with this same DLC coating for durability and a rugged look. Barrels are also available in TiN and bead blast if you prefer. Next, accuracy is further addressed as they add a lock back rear sight and a single dot tritium front sight. The polished steel guide rod uses a 17lb. recoil spring for enhanced control and the improved enhanced Glock plunger provides a smoother trigger pull than most options out there today. Of course, the frame is also upgraded, using the same features as the Mark 2.

Prepare for Competition with a Fowler Industries Mark 2 Pistol

Concerning the Mark 2, this model was designed more for the competitive shooter. It is meant for those who want to test their accuracy limits as a competitive performer and provides features that will really improve speed and accuracy. With that in mind, the frame is pretty much identical to the Mark 1 and starts with 360 degree frame texture using the Fowler Industries proprietary ENT stippling. The trigger guard receives a radiused double undercut and texture is added to the second undercut. Gen 1-3 Glock models use a scalloped magazine release and the left and right frame flats are texturized. The weapon uses a convex-flat trigger (CFT), a 4.5-5 lb. match connector, and the frame comes with an Enhanced Glock Pin Set (EGPS). To finish it off, the weapon receives a grip plug.

The slide is where things are a bit different, though. It receives all of the standard upgrades of the Mark 1, but also offers top and left and right window cuts for additional mass reductions and heat dissipation during competition. Finally, the barrel is match fit to the slide and offers offset box fluting. It uses a recessed crown and offers mass reduction on the top and right of the hood area. With a chamfer cut tip of barrel and an enhanced match construction, it comes in titanium aluminum nitride gray standard. Of course, barrels are also offered in black nitride, standard titanium nitride (TiN), and bead blast.

Work with an Extended Slide Glock Mark 3

Of course, if you are looking at these other upgrades, you might realize that both the Mark 1 and Mark 2 are only available for certain Glock models. Both are offered for the G26, G27, G33, G19, G23, G32, G17, G22, and G31, but what happens if you want an extended slide model? Following the Mark 2 platform to the letter, the Mark 3 might not have much unique to offer, but it is the package to go for if you want work done on an extended Glock model. Available for both the Glock 34 and Glock 35, it offers all of the same upgrades and options as the Mark 2 and provides you with a competition-ready model that is sure to impress even the most selective of shooters.

Quality that Doesn't Quit

Regardless of which version upgrade you choose, there is no doubt that you will be impressed by the attention to detail on these weapons. The machining is precise and the slide glides along the frame like butter, making it easy for anyone to operate. Keep in mind that all complete guns include: a match fit, fluted barrel, grip work, stippling, double undercuts, enhanced Glock pin set, magazine release scallop, match connector, grip plug, lightened striker spring, RMR slide cut with cover, Warren Tactical front sight, and an EPP rear sight. Whether you choose the standard barrel that comes with your chosen model or decide on one of the alternative finishes, you can enjoy unwavering accuracy. If you need them, also ask about suppressor height sights and look for a model with the Trijicon RMR already installed so you don't have to zero it yourself.

Future Fowler Industries Developments and Other Essentials

In addition to its various pistol configurations, Fowler Industries also has announced plans to release a flat faced trigger, which might appeal more to certain shooters. Once this is released, Omaha Outdoors will be sure to keep them in stock so that you may order them separately and have them installed. Of course, while you are shopping, it is important to remember that you can pick up all of the other parts and accessories you might need to make sure your Glock is ready for action. Whether it is a new range bag, holster, magazines, or simply ammunition, you are covered thanks to our extensive inventory available online. So, when you want the best performance from your Glock and the best service available online, order one of these handguns from Omaha Outdoors today.

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