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FN Herstal USA is one of the world's premier gunmakers, having designed and built guns for European militaries throughout the 20th century and having produced legendary firearms such as the FN FAL and Browning Hi Power. The make the M249 and M240 machine guns used by the US Military along with the SCAR, and they have won contracts to make M16 and M4 rifles and carbines as well. FNH guns for sale on the US civilian market, made by FN America, are built to these same high standards right here in the USA. As if that wasn't enough, when you shop online at Omaha Outdoors, your FN Herstal firearms dealer, you benefit from $9.95 flat rate shipping and a wide selection of factory and custom options.

New FN Herstal 2017 Product Releases

Although they've benefited from large military contracts in recent years, FN hasn't been asleep at the wheel when it comes to bringing new products to market. The FN 509 pistol was their shot at winning the US Army's Modular Handgun System contract, and to show American gun owners just how much they love us, they've released the FN M249S and FN M249S PARA, semi-automatic versions of the squad automatic weapons used by the US Army and US Marine Corps. Now you can own a belt fed weapon, albeit one firing from a closed bolt, that enables rapid and accurate semi-automatic fire for incredible fun at the range or a very serious ranch defense rifle.

FN Herstal Pistols For Sale

If you want one of the best service pistols available, the FN online catalog is a great place to start. Among the flavors of FN Herstal pistol at Omaha Outdoors, hammer fired and striker fired pistols are represented, along with traditional straight wall cartridges and high velocity bottleneck pistol / PDW cartridges. Below will be a quick overview of each type of handgun.

FNX Series

FN America came out of nowhere with the FNX pistol line. While everyone else seemed to be moving towards striker fired guns, FN introduced one of the best hammer fired pistols ever made. Available in 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP, the FNX-9 is an excellent pistol for the civilian gun owner, the FNX-40 would make a great choice for a police officer who can choose his or her own duty gun so long as it's a 40, and the FNX-45 Tactical FDE handgun is ready for use with a silencer and offers an excellent magazine capacity for a 45 caliber pistol. Some of these pistols are machined to accept micro red dot sights, and we think that if you view other optic ready pistols from Omaha Outdoors, you'll see how the FN FNX line is a compelling choice.

FNS Series

Although the size, shape, accuracy, and reliability of the FNX series was appealing to many gun owners, some prefer striker fired pistols over all other types. For them, the striker fired FNS pistol is the perfect handgun. Competition shooters needing to "make major" prefer 40 Smith & Wesson to 9mm, and the 40 cal longslide FNS, known as the FNS-40L, has been growing in popularity ever since its introduction. Those in need of a compact gun for concealed carry often prefer 9mm for its easier shooting characteristics, and the FNS-9 Compact 9mm pistol fits the bill nicely.

FN Five-SeveN Series

Those who choose the path less traveled, as well as collectors of unique firearms, will love the FN Five-SeveN for sale. Chambered in the diminutive 5.7x28mm cartridge originally designed for use in submachineguns with high rates of fire, the FN 5.7 pistol offers extremely low recoil as well as a high magazine capacity given the size of the pistol: as much as 30 rounds with an extended magazine. Take your collection to the next level with a Five SeveN pistol cerakoted in MultiCam – don't worry about problems with the finish, because the work of our professional applicators is backed by the Omaha Outdoors lifetime workmanship warranty.

FN Herstal Long Guns

If you want a highly effective, accurate, and lightweight long gun, buy your next FN Herstal rifle or shotgun online from Omaha Outdoors. Rifles and shotguns make up a large part of FN America's product catalog and you can benefit from their years of experience in designing and building excellent long guns of all shapes and sizes. Below will be an overview of some of their most popular models.

FN SCAR Series

Designed from scratch as a replacement for the M16 in US Military service, the lightweight SCAR (SOF Combat Assault Rifle) is available in both 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm varieties. The battle rifle version is known as the FN SCAR 17S / 308 rifle, while the flyweight FN SCAR 16S is preferred by many due to its incredibly light recoil and compatibility with many AR15 magazines, primarily the aluminum USGI type. Both offer a folding stock and lightweight barrel profile, as you can see when you view all FN SCARs for sale here, as well as a modular design which permits the user to customize the rifle as they see fit.

FN 15 Series

Meant for the serious connoisseur of combat rifles, the FN 15 rifles sold here at Omaha Outdoors are as close as you can get to the military rifles without violating the National Firearms Act. In fact, they even call these guns the Military Collector M4 / M16 because they're so close in design and appearance to the real deal. While nostalgic veterans, reenactors, collectors, and those looking for a good foundation for a custom build will value these reproductions, the FN 15 rifle series is thankfully quite divers, and options like the FN 15 Tactical II are more suited for out of the box use as home defense or competition rifles with features like a long, lightweight, slim handguard rail and a free floating cold hammer forged barrel. For those behind the Iron Curtain, there's the featureless FN 15 Tactical or DMR II for California gun owners.

FN PS90 Series

If you've ever wanted a futuristic gun, look no further than the FN PS90 bullpup rifle. Although the P90 design is almost three decades old, it still looks like something out of a sci-fi novel. Firing the same 5.7x28 cartridge as the FN Five-SeveN, its magazine holds an incredible 50 rounds. It's very easy to fire, making a serious case for high volume, small caliber bullets at moderate velocity instead of high volume, small caliber bullets at high velocity, as one would expect with an AR15 type rifle. If these attributes appeal to you, you can find a FN PS90 for sale at Omaha Outdoors to use as a home defense or competition rifle.

FN FNAR Series

One of the most unique items in the FN online catalog is the FN FNAR Competition 308 rifle. Despite the name, which might make you think it's based on the AR15 or AR10 platform, the FNAR derives its functional bits in large part from the Browning BAR or Browning Automatic Rifle. For competition use in Heavy Metal divisions, especially in states where pistol grips are a no-go, the FNAR Competition is an accurate and interesting option.

FN Ballista Series

Some people want nothing but the best, and when it comes to bolt action sniper rifles, it's hard to find something better than the FN Ballista bolt rifle. Chambered in the workhorse 308 Win, the long-range 300 Win Mag and the insanely long range 338 Lapua Magnum cartridges, the FN Ballista is a hard-use modern sniper rifle capable of being used in any environment on Earth – and probably some environments off planet as well. If your precision rifle needs are not limited by budget, but only by imagination, purchase one today and take comfort in knowing you own one of the finest rifles ever made.

FN SLP Series

Competition shooters, law enforcement officers, and homeowners in search of a fast-shooting, reliable, and durable shotgun gravitate to the FN SLP shotguns like the buttered side of toast gravitates toward the ground. Chambered to fire the venerable and powerful 12 gauge shells, the SLP shotgun series has something for everyone. The SLP Competition features upgrades preferred by prize-winning match shooters, while the FN SLP MK1 Tactical shotgun is something any SWAT operator would comfortably go through a door with while serving a high-risk warrant.

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