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Since the Declaration of Independence, the central tenant of the American lifestyle has been liberty. Somewhere along the way, certain groups have tried to distort that liberty, slowly chipping away at those rights all Americans are meant to enjoy. Still, some individuals are willing to stand up to these groups, proudly proclaiming their individuality and declaring that their freedom still remains. In an effort to preserve that freedom, FMK Firearms was created as a reminder for all gun-owners of where our country began.

At Omaha Outdoors, we keep a variety of FMK Firearms in stock and ready to ship. Since we share the company’s view on American freedom, we work to ensure that our customers are able to place their orders with ease and work to ship them as quickly as possible. Customer service is our top priority, so if you have any questions about these products, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help. Otherwise, sort through the selection below and place your order with confidence.

FMK Firearms: A Proud American Company

James V. Pontillo II, the founder of FMK Firearms, started his company as a firm stance against the decline of liberty that is occurring within the United States. The company charter helped to outline his stances pretty clearly, declaring that he would not stand for the collectivist attitudes that have become so prevalent in the country today. Starting with just a small plastics company, he worked to grow FMK into the firearm manufacturer that it is today, giving shooters all around the country a weapon system that they can rely on.

FMK Pistols for Sale

The premier product and the foundation of FMK is the 9C1 G2. Built off a compact and ergonomic design, this polymer frame pistol is able to stand up to the abuse of regular use. It features an interchangeable trigger layout with either a Fast Action or Double Action only design. Its snag-free layout makes it easy to conceal, having no external surfaces that might catch on your clothing as you draw it. The shock-absorbing backstrap helps to increase comfort and control weapon recoil while the built-in accessory rail makes it easy to add a flashlight, laser, or other tactical accessory.

Made using 100% USA parts and labor, this pistol is one of the company’s top sellers. Its polymer frame can be finished in either Black, Dark Earth, or Pink and it uses factory Glock sights to provide a clear picture of your target. As a defining testament to the company’s appreciation for America, this model is available with an engraved Bill of Rights over the slide, acting as a firm testament to the freedom is stands for.

FMK AR-15 Lowers for Sale

If you are looking to make your AR-15 a bit lighter, then you might consider one of the FMK lowers. These are made with a proprietary composite polymer that can stand up against the most extreme conditions. Stripped to the bare bones, they weigh only 4.3 ounces, making them ideal for an operator looking to cut back the weight of his rifle. Naturally, the lower is mil-spec, meaning it will easily fit in with your other components.

Like all other products from FMK, it is 100% USA-made and it comes available in either black or dark earth finish. It will fit with any of your mil-spec uppers and comes with the custom engraving “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” To back its quality construction, this receiver comes with a lifetime warrenty.

The Freedom Fighter Package

If you want to be prepared for anything, the Freedom Fighter Package was designed by FMK to help you accomplish just that. It comes with a 9C1 G2 pistol and a JRC rifle. The JRC is a semi-automatic pistol-caliber carbine offered for the best in home defense. It uses a straight blowback operation and a bolt that can be configured for a left or right-handed shooter.

Working with the same magazine as the 9C1, it has a 16 ¼” barrel to provide superior accuracy. The free-floating rail is ready to accept any standard accessories and the telescoping stock can adjust for a comfortable hold. The major frame parts are made from 6061T-6 aluminum and then treated with a hard coat anodized finish, which gives it a more durable construction. Utilizing standard M4 buffer tube, buttstock and furniture, it is the perfect carbine for the freedom fighter.

In addition to these two weapons, the package includes 3 magazines, 1 front sight and 2 interchangeable rear sights for the 9C1 G2 pistol, G96 gun oil for maintaining the weapons, a lockable hard case for the 9C1 G2 pistol and an owner’s manual for each firearm. Overall, this offers a great value for those looking to build their defensive capabilities.

Get FMK Magazines and Accessories

Since one of our goals at Omaha Outdoors is to become your top provider for all things firearm related, we work hard to ensure that you don’t just find the basic firearms here, but also work to provide all the accessories you need. Naturally, this means a variety of magazines fitted for any of your new FMK guns. We also keep some AR-15 parts and other accessories in stock to provide for anything you might need. If it would help you in your shooting endeavors, we work to make sure it is always available for you to use. This makes it easy to get all your shopping done in one convenient place.

Once you have made your selections below, simply place your order and we will work to get the items to you as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about the ordering process or about the firearms themselves, please feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to working with you, and to helping you secure your freedom.

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