Fishing Floats For Sale

Many anglers pass over floats and bobbers, incorrectly assuming they’re for kids only. Yet a selection of floats and bobbers is an essential addition to any tackle box. Not only do they help you get your bait to the right depth, they can also lure in fish themselves.

Types of Floats and Bobbers

Despite their simplicity, your options for floats and bobbers are surprisingly numerous. Basic models (those plastic red-and-white childhood bobbers) and rattle floats (that rattle to lure predatory fish) are two of the most common options.

Buy the Right Floats and Bobbers

You can’t really go wrong stocking a handful of different floats and bobbers for whatever conditions you come up against. At Omaha Outdoors, we offer an extensive assortment of each for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Try them out and you’ll likely catch even more fish.

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