Fishing Tackle For Sale

Stock your tackle box to the brim with the help of Omaha Outdoors. Our extensive selection of crimps, lines, leaders, floats, hooks, jig heads, sinkers, snaps, and swivels give you the tools you need to get your next fish onto your line and out of the water.

Fishing Lines and Leaders

Using the correct type of fishing line is essential to your success on the water. Fluorocarbon line is the best choice when durability, stiffness, and virtual invisibility are required. Superline (or braided line) is also extremely strong with minimal stretch. Need something more flexible? Then monofilament line is the best choice. We also carry a variety of fishing leaders including wire leaders and fluorocarbon leaders.

Floats for Monitoring Action

Get your lure where you want it, and easily monitor its action, with fishing floats. Options include bobbers, floats, weighted floats, stops, and more for a variety of conditions including current, wind speed, preferred depth, and distance cast.

Hooks to Snag Your Fish

Our huge selection of top-quality fishing hooks ensures you’ll always have the right hook for the job. We carry bait hooks, circle hooks, frog hooks, in-line hooks, jig hooks, octopus hooks, offset hooks, treble hooks, and more in various sizes and strengths. Eye options include open eye hooks, welded eye hooks, and closed eye hooks.

Jig Heads, Hooks, and Lures

Big fish don’t stand a chance against our jig heads, jig hooks, and jig lures. Jerk, shake, and snap your line to make your bait all but irresistible to hungry fish. We carry an assortment of bucktail jigs, lead-head jigs, metal jigs, and vertical jigs in numerous colors, designs, shapes, and weights to ensure you catch exactly what you’re looking for, whether that’s bass, bluefish, mackerel, mullet, or tuna.

Snaps, Swivels, and Crimps

Fishing snaps, swivels, and crimps might be small, but they’re far from inconsequential. Add these to your tackle box to make fishing easier and less frustrating, especially for beginners and children. Swivels prevent lines from twisting into knots and tangles, snaps make changing lures a breeze, and crimps connect other tackle when the line you’re using is too thick to tie into a knot.

Weights and Sinkers for Bottom Feeders

Take your bait or lure to the proper depth with weights and sinkers. We have an extensive range of cattail sinkers, egg sinkers, hollow leads, split shot, trolling sinkers, walking sinkers, worm weights, and many other fishing weights and sinkers. They’ll take your bait or lure to the bottom in lakes, rivers, ocean with heavy currents, and more.