Spinning Rods For Sale

Throw light baits with ease with a top-notch spinning rod from Omaha Outdoors. Pair yours with a spinning reel for one of the most versatile setups in fishing.

What is a Spinning Rod?

A spinning rod is notable for the position of the reel at the underside of the rod. The line is drawn out from the reel and along the rod’s length by the weight of the bait or lure. A spinning rod/reel setup is much more user friendly than a baitcasting rod, no doubt attributing to its popularity among anglers of all ages and skill levels.

Buy the Right Spinning Rod

Find a spinning rod that pairs perfectly with your spinning reel for the best results. We carry a variety of sizes and styles. Select from slower action all the way up to faster action depending on your needs and preferences. Many of our spinning rods break down into multiple pieces for easier transportation and storage.

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