Casting Rods For Sale

Get the best cast possible with a top-quality casting rod from Omaha Outdoors. One of two rod styles that dominate fishing, a casting rod pairs perfectly with your baitcasting reel for the ultimate in freshwater fishing.

What is a Casting Rod?

Also known as a baitcasting rod, a casting rod is used in conjunction with a baitcasting reel to target big fish. The design of the reel (line goes directly from spool to rod) means that an advanced hand is needed to effectively use the baitcasting method. Yet those that know how to use it are given even more control over where their lure lands with each cast.

Buy the Right Casting Rod

Options are numerous when it comes to buying a casting rod. Start by narrowing down your preferred length and style. Then choose from a variety of materials including graphite or fiberglass. Though general-purpose casting rods are most common, a handful of special-purpose models are available, including rods made for casting directly out of a boat or kayak.

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