Fishing Reels For Sale

Discover the perfect fishing reel for your next outing at Omaha Outdoors. Options include baitcasting reels, fly fishing reels, saltwater reels, and spinning reels. Each is available in a variety of sizes and styles. We have what you need to make your next fishing trip one for the record books.

Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasting reels are the top choice of anglers going after hard-fighting species. The pull of the line from the bait/lure is what turns the spool. Choose your preferred gear ratio (low for big bait and high for jigs) and drag system. Baitcasting reels are often the reel of choice for experienced fisherman targeting bigger, stronger species.

Fly Fishing Reels

Your fly fishing setup can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Yet one aspect you should never skimp on is your reel. A variety of styles and models are available, suitable for all budgets. Select a fly fishing reel with an adequate drag system to ensure that your next big catch doesn’t break your line and get away.

Saltwater Reels

Reel in hard-fighting fish from the deep blue sea with a quality saltwater reel. Baitcasting, fly fishing, and spinning models, as well as jigging and trolling models, are available. The main differences from freshwater models are their watertight design and resistance to saltwater corrosion. Anti-reverse, double or triple drag systems, and stainless steel gearing are additional features aimed at pulling out big catches from the open ocean.

Spinning Reels

Simple, straightforward spinning reels make learning to cast a cinch – easy enough for children and beginners alike. Their simple design prevents the backlashes (tangled lines) that are all too common with baitcasting reels. Spinning reels are the perfect choice when using light baits/lures in freshwater environments. Those that value accuracy, reliability and ease of use above all else would do well to consider a spinning reel.