Fishing Lures For Sale

Match your fishing lure to the species you’re after to increase your chances of success. At Omaha Outdoors, we carry a huge selection of lures ranging from hard baits to soft baits, saltwater baits to spinner baits, and many more. Select the right lure and the fish will be all but racing to be the first on your line.

Improve Results with Hard Baits

Hook your next big fish with our extensive selection of freshwater hard baits. We carry blade baits, buzz baits, crank baits, lipless baits, pike baits, salmon baits, steelhead baits, stick baits, topwater baits, trolling lures, and more. Dodgers, divers, and flashers are also available.

Saltwater Lures for Deepwater Trophy Fish

Trick big fish into believing your lure is a tasty baitfish with our saltwater lures. In the hands of an experienced angler, these lures move just like real fish. Even beginners will be able to give their lure a realistic swimming motion with our wide range of lures made from glass, hardwood, metal, plastic, and more. Additional options include lures with lifelike details, and even scents, to further entice saltwater fish. We carry bulk lure kits so you can stock up for multiple species of fish all at once.

Entice Hungry Fish with Soft Baits

Soft baits have absolutely changed the face of freshwater fishing. Their incredibly lifelike looks enable them to lure in big fish with utmost effectiveness. The best soft baits also incorporate scents as well as realistic swimming action. Soft baits can be modeled off nearly any creature you can think of including baitfish, crayfish, insects, and more. We carry craw baits, frog baits, grub baits, jerk baits, lizard baits, leech baits, stick baits, wacky baits, and many more.   

Spinners for Predatory Species

You won’t find more explosive action than with a spinner bait. The flashing and vibrating motions of spinners will fool just about any fish, especially predatory species like pike and bass, into thinking your bait is a tasty baitfish or other creature. We carry a few different types of spinners including in-line spinners, safety pin spinners, and tail spinners.