Fishing Boots & Waders For Sale

Recent advancements in wader technology have replaced the heavy, ill-fitting waders of yesteryear with lightweight, great-fitting waders. The best models not only keep your feet dry, they also keep you warm when it’s cold and limit sweating when it’s hot. Ensure the enjoyment of your next trip with new fishing boots or waders.

Types of Waders

The main types of fishing waders are hip waders, chest waders, and waist-high waders. Here’s what each type is designed for:

  • Hip Waders – Best for shallow streams.
  • Chest Waders – Let you wade to deepest section of the stream.
  • Waist-High Waders – A combination between hip and chest waders, they’re a great in-between for most fishermen.

Common Wader Materials

Fishing waders are constructed from modern materials, traditional materials, or a combination of both. Rubber, canvas, neoprene, and GORE-TEX are the most common materials. The pros and cons of each material include:

  • Rubber - Inexpensive and durable, but heavy, stiff, and not very breathable. Great choice for anglers on a budget.
  • Canvas – Extremely durable and long lasting, but heavy and stiff. Great choice for fishing in brush-filled streams.
  • Neoprene – Warm, comfortable, and relatively lightweight, but not breathable. Most popular option today.
  • GORE-TEX – Extremely lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, but most expensive and not warm enough for cold weather fishing.

What About Fishing Boots?

In addition to stand-alone fishing boots, numerous models are available to pair with stocking-foot waders. Unlike boot-foot waders, this type of wader requires you to purchase a separate boot since they’re not built into wader’s overall construction.

Wading boots slip over the bottom of stocking-foot waders. Options include felt bottoms for slick surfaces, studded bottoms for mud and rocks, and rubber outsoles for easy cleaning.

Buy the Right Boots and Waders

At Omaha Outdoors, we carry a vast assortment of fishing boots and waders, designed for various conditions and types of fishing. How, where, and when you’ll be using your boots or waders dictates the best models for you.

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