Fishing Belts For Sale

Get the leverage you need to reel in your next saltwater monster with a fishing belt. Also known as a fighting belt, this tool is an essential component of a stand-up tackle setup. Buy a belt and harness that not only fits you, but is designed for the weight class and species you’re after.

How Fighting Belts Work

A fishing belt/harness gives you a mechanical advantage over big fish. The stand-up tackle setup is based on the lever/fulcrum idea. Your rod is the lever, the fish is the load, and the belt/harness is the fulcrum. The creation of this fulcrum point enables you to use your entire body weight to fight that big fish up and into your boat.

Benefits of Fighting Belts

A fishing belt and harness gives you the ability to pull in much larger fish than otherwise possible. The fulcrum point balances drag pressure against your bodyweight when the fish is running, so you expend far less energy. As soon as the fish stops running, use your body weight to pull the fish a little closer.

Buy the Right Fighting Belt

At Omaha Outdoors, we have an extensive selection of fishing belts and harnesses. In addition to stand-up models, we also carry sitting chair harnesses.

Take care to purchase a belt/harness designed for the type of fishing you’ll be doing. Weight and species are the most important factors to consider. Different designs and materials used in construction make certain belts more suitable for specific species.

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