Fish Attractants For Sale

Take your fishing to the next level with fish attractants. Also known as fish scents, they make your baits and lures smell more realistic to attract more fish. Be sure to buy fish attractants made specifically for the species you’re after, whether that’s bass, carp, panfish, salmon, or trout.

How Attractants Work

Contrary to popular belief, the main purpose of attractants isn’t actually to attract fish – it’s to cover up undesirable smells. For instance, the human smell from your fingertips often lingers on the bait, making fish wary of approaching. Bug spray, cigarette smoke, gasoline, and sun lotion are other odors often unknowingly transferred to baits and lures. Attractants simply mask these negative smells to convince fish that your lure is the real deal.

Benefits of Attractants

In addition to masking unnatural smells and tastes, fish attractants convince fish to hold onto your lure or bait for longer. If a fish gets a hint of a suspicious smell or taste, they’ll spit your bait out in a split second. With the right attractant, fish will hold onto your bait for 10+ seconds, giving you the time needed to set your hook.

Buy the Right Attractants

At Omaha Outdoors, we carry dozens of different fish attractants, each designed with a particular type of fishing and species in mind. Select an attractant for the particular species you’re after to increase your results.

The following chart shows you which species are most sensitive to smell (1 as most sensitive, 5 as least sensitive) and are least likely to go after a lure without an attractant applied:

1. Catfish
2. Carp
3. Salmon and Trout
4. Bass and Walleye
5. Pike and Muskie

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