Fishing Accessories For Sale

Omaha Outdoors is your one-stop shop for fishing accessories. Browse through hundreds of accessories from your favorite brands, including attractants, belts, boots, buckets, gloves, nets, racks and holders, rulers and scales, tools, and traps. We have everything you need for the perfect fishing trip for whatever type of fish you're fishing for, wherever you're fishing at, whatever conditions you're fishing in.

Baits and Attractants for Your Catch

Get the fish biting with the best baits and attractants. Buy a bait specifically for the type of fish you're after whether that's bass, carp, catfish, salmon, trout, or walleye. Our extensive selection of egg cures, micro baits, preserved baits, and worms as well as fish lights for night fishing give you all the tools you need to hook the fish you're after. Bait buckets help you transport and store all your bait.

Fishing Boots and Gloves to Stay Warm

Staying warm and dry greatly increases the enjoyment of a fishing trip. Rubber wading boots, felt wading boots, and wading sandals keep your feet warm, dry, and protected no matter the conditions. Fishing gloves, mittens, and glomitts keep your hands likewise dry, warm, and protected from the elements.

Racks and Holders for Rod Storage

Keep your valuable fishing rods safe and secure with a rack or holder. Models are available for both walls and cars. Our racks and holders suit all models of fishing rods.

Rulers, Scales, and other Tools

Is your latest catch one for the record books? Rulers, scales, and other measuring devices are essential tools for measuring your latest catch. Additional tools like bait prep tools, fillet knives, fish processing tools, fish feeders, grippers, hook removers, fishing belts, line winders, lure retrievers, pliers, stringers, strippers, and temperature and depth sensors help you deal with any situations that come up.

Fishing Nets and Shellfish Traps

A net is an essential tool for taking wriggling fish in. We provide casting nets, landing nets, livewell nets, and seines depending on your needs. We also stock a variety of shellfish traps for crabs, crawfish, oysters, and more. Shellfish accessories like bait nets, line pullers, and oyster knives are also available.