Over & Under Shotguns For Sale

The over-under (OIU) shotgun has a long history as a valued firearm for skeet and trap shooting and as for bird hunting, primarily upland birds and waterfowl. While it's usually considered just a personal choice for shooters whether to use a side-by-side or over-under design, proponents of the OIU say that it has less recoil and allows for a more accurate follow-on shot, since the aspect angle doesn't change from one barrel to the next. We're not going to argue that here, but we can point out that Omaha Outdoors has a very wide selection of over-under shotguns for sale, from a wide variety of makers, including FN Herstal, Browning and Beretta. The choices offer a range of prices, to fit any budget, as well as a selection of stock materials and design details. It's fast and easy to buy an over-under shotgun online at Omaha Outdoors... once you decide which one is right for you.