Rimfire Rifles For Sale

If you're feeling left out by an inadequate selection of rimfire rifles locally, and want to find an online gun dealer that offers everything you might want, you've come to the right place. Omaha Outdoors has rimfire rifles for sale that encompass the entire spectrum of tasks one might expect such a rifle to perform, from plinking to varmint hunting to marksmanship training. While tactical rifles in centerfire calibers get all the attention on the cover of gun magazines, it's the 22LR and friends that will allow you to have ten times as much fun per dollar.

What Are All These Other Rimfire Calibers For, Anyway

Everyone knows that the classic bolt action rim fire comes in 22 LR and can chase a tin can across the desert floor or will shoot a dime sized group at 50 feet just like when you were at summer camp. Don't worry, we have plenty of 22 semi auto rifles for sale. But when we start getting into the 17s and the Magnums, a lot of people don't know what to make of the choices. Here's a quick primer.

For 22 caliber rimfire rifles, there are two choices: the ubiquitous 22 Long Rifle and the souped up 22 Magnum. If varmint hunting is your chosen task, the 22 Mag is a good choice. It's widely available and fairly affordable, plus it packs a serious punch for squirrels, rabbits, and the like, even at distances where 22LR is dropping like a rock.

If an even tinier bullet screaming at extremely high velocity is more your cup of tea, the 17s are just the ticket. 17 HMR beat out the smaller 17 HM2 years ago to become king of the rim fire velocity roost – that is, until 17 WSM came along. While 17 HMR was created by necking a 22 Mag case down to .172 inches and 17 HM2 was created by doing the same to a 22LR case, the 17 WSM caliber uses an entirely different parent case derived from a nail gun blank. 17 HMR is nothing to sneeze at with 20 grain projectile velocities approaching 2400 fps, but 17 WSM knocks that out of the park with muzzle velocity of 3000 fps using the same bullet. Sure, we're talking 20 grains and not 55, but the speeds alone are solidly within centerfire rifle territory. That means if the wind allows, you can shoot to distances at which no 22 LR can think of taking game. And up close, you can plan on humane kills of larger animals like the coyote. The only drawbacks of 17 WSM relate to ammunition cost and availability: with great power comes great responsibility to not spend all your money on ammo.

Which Rimfire Rifle is Best?

Well, that's a loaded question. Best for what? The Ruger 10/22 has become a phenomenon no one was likely to have foreseen, with the Takedown variant becoming especially popular as a backpacking or survival rifle. Marlin is well known for their Model 60, a strong competitor to the 10/22, but don't forget their micro groove rifling bolt action rimfire rifles for sale, either, or the oldest continuously produced cartridge rifle in existence, the Marlin 39A. Savage Arms competes with fantastic bolt actions that feature the same Accu-Trigger as their centerfire rifles. Mossberg brings all sorts of unique rimfires to the table, including the Blaze-47 AK lookalike and 715T AR15 analog in everyone's favorite 22LR caliber. Finally, Smith and Wesson makes the M&P15-22, a rifle which can be used for training in place of an AR15 shooting the more expensive 5.56mm ammunition. It's also a great way to keep your expensive AR barrel from wearing out too fast.

What's important when choosing a rimfire rifle is to figure out what you want to do with it and how much you want to spend, then pick the action (semi auto, bolt action, lever, pump) that fits your needs. Do you need more magazine capacity or the ability to change mags quickly? Is mounting a scope important? What about the level of accuracy and precision you require? Do you need to take it apart or store it in a small space? The balance of all these factors will lead you to the correct rimfire rifle for your needs.

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